Enjoying the Day!

Feeling Blessed Beyond Measure ~
We are so blessed and sometimes its just the little things that make that so clear in our lives.
A few weeks ago, I was seriously looking for a new job.
We love our boys at MCH but sometimes the administrators drive us crazy!!
But God has a way of showing us we are right where he wants us to be.
You may be asking “how does God show you these things?”
In this case we have had lots of encouraging things said to us and no doors opening on the horizon.
We have applied for about 10 different jobs over the past two months,
one was so promising
and then
doors were firmly closed in our faces.
Image result for THEN
a friend encouraged me out of the blue,
an admin called out of the blue,
our boss thanked me for something I thought was trivial
and most importantly,
peace reigned in my heart.
And today I am enjoying the blessings of being with grands!!
And doing something I have not been able to do in years ~~
PLAY on the playground and go down the slide!!!

Loving being with our family here in Gresham!!

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