Easter with the Boys

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This morning we were up early as the chapel services started at 8:30 AM.
Surprised they all got up without any complaints.
The chapel service was a bit different
as we are just not used to Rap music celebrating the Risen Lord.
The message was great ~ it was on “The Last Word”
Pastor Ahmad asked how many like to get the last word,
nothing like four sets of eyes looking directly at me.
But they are right ~ I like to have the last word!!!
Pastor Ahmad challenged us to seek out what
“last words” 
we let rule our lives.
Is it a negative thought a parent or someone in authority spoke over you?
Or is the Lord saying “you are my precious child!”
it reminded me to be careful what the last words are 
each of the boys hear at night as they go to sleep,
when they get out of the van to go to class and 
even the first words they hear in the morning.
My prayer today is “Lord help me to put pleasant words/thoughts in the hearts of these young boys that you have entrusted to us to care for.”
What “last words” are you letting direct your life today?
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In talking with the boys the past few days we were a bit surprised to hear two of them say they had never received an Easter basket ~ something we have provided for our children for too many years to count…but saddened to hear two of them didn’t know what we were talking about.
So off to Dollar Tree and Walmart
I bought six little wooden baskets
and filled them with a chocolate bunny, peeps, jelly beans,
eggs filled with candy, malted eggs and of course a few of these
Image result for Reese's peanut butter egg
The baskets were waiting for the boys when we returned from Chapel.
One of our boys even had tears and couldn’t stop thanking us.
And all I could think of was Pastor Ahmad asking
What is your last word?
My last word to these boys is that we love you!!!
And though some days are hard
the better days out number them by lots.
We have three more sleeps to go and then we are off…
thinking back to the first day back on this 21 day shift I prayed
Lord help us to have the energy to get through
and He has more than answered that prayer.
And the many prayers of all of you.
As we go into the last 2.5 days on duty, 
we pray for continued peace in our home
and to be a light into these boys lives.

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