End of Day has Come

What a roller coaster ride today has been!

First off the mountain top ~ 6 of our 7 boys met the requirement to go on the weekly outing.  Much better than last week where only two earned it!!

Down to the valley ~ finding dip, dip cans and spit bottles on the floor and hidden in a cut out of the van seat 😦

And a little deeper ~ feeling so discombombulated on the inside ~ beginning week two of new eating habits, increased water intake and seeing
Image result for Peeps

I love Peeps!!!!
and feeling as crummy as I was 
I was so 
Image result for tempted
But I did not succumb!!!

Instead I crawled into my bed and cried
and cried some more

Feeling alone, 
missing my coffee buddy,
missing a good friend to just vent, cry and pray together
missing Christian fellowship

And deeper into the valley I went ~
feeling alone in this journey as a Home Parent ~
questioning our values and beliefs,
wondering if our expectations are so high, they are unachievable?

So I began the climb back to the top of the mountain ~
one step at a time,
first journaling
what did I want?
what did I need?
how do I go about getting it?

So I sent an email,
I cried with Ron
I asked for prayer
and cried some more

And then life hit ~
boys home from school,
phone call from the 2nd in command,
explained some of my frustrations,
dealt with more boys coming home from school,
getting yelled at by a student because HE did something wrong,
more phone calls
and lack of information caused more tears to flow,
wanting to run,
so I ran to my hubby’s arms,
he hugged me, we talked,
dealt with boys refusing to follow the program, 
talked to the 2nd in command AGAIN,
cried some more,
talked with and walked with my sweet hubby
(the one who shows me in tangible ways God’s amazing love)

And met with the administrator of the ranch,
shared some of the issues,
discussed a young man and what to do,
cried and talked some more
(I really need to buy some stock in Kleenex)

Felt God’s peace coming over me,
back to the unit,
put our plan in action,
concerned about hubby driving alone with said student
yet God heard that unspoken fear
and provided a second adult to ride with him
~~ thank you Lord for like minded thinking with others ~~

Went to dinner
Good Ole Comfort Food ~ homemade mac & cheese
only ate one serving
didn’t give into really wanting a BIG second helping

Came back to the unit,
one boy working,
one boy to the gym,
leaving four boys playing games
and I got to watch
Image result for Survivor
One boy to the shower,
2nd boy to the shower,
2 boys watching survivor with me
2 boys playing minecraft
peaceful evening!

Back to the mountain top of
Image result for tranquility
Now six boys are in bed,
all is quiet on the homefront,

Reports can wait till morning.

Time to crawl into the loving arms of my hubby,
snuggle under the warm blankets,
and rest knowing that
Image result for god is in control

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