An Emotional Day

My day has been filled with tears and more tears.
Feeling lost and discombombulated.
Missing sweet fellowship with other believers
Heard ~ dreaming that will happen
Anxious ~ about most everything today

Missing girl talks, coffee dates,
and having a couch to sit on and just dump

Missing prayer partners in person
Missing good Christian fellowship


So the tears fall,
snapping at others way too much.

Cried alligator tears into my pillow
feeling alone even though there are people around

Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Not wanting to disappoint others
Yet wondering where do I fit in

What about my feelings?
My fears?
My anxiety?

No more time to think
Boys coming home in minutes
Need to wipe away the tears
and put on the smiley face.

Going to be one of those nights of 
Image result for fake it til you make it

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