Where did three weeks go??

We traveled 2949.2 miles in
18 days
17 nights,
13 of which were travel days.

We traveled through Texas,

We put our toesies in the Gulf of Mexico
got and gave lots of hugs to 
friends and family,
made new friends and
reconnected with family we hadn’t seen in years!

And then we returned home,
spent two days 
cleaning, resting, cleaning
and organizing
getting ourselves ready to go back to work.

Today was our first day back at work
things went pretty well.

And for that we are very thankful.

One story to share:
today being Ash Wednesday,
beginning of Lent
I wanted to go to the worship service at the chapel.
I asked the boys if any of them wanted to go
one, C, said yes
and then R came out of his bedroom as we were leaving
and said he wanted to go.  
So off we went ~
we got to the church,
walked in and R said 
I thought we were going shopping
I turned and smiled at him and 
said next time you will be on time for the house meeting
then you would have known we were going to church.

He kept looking at me during the service,
wondered how long it would last.
told him about an hour.

After the service R asked if we could go to the store
since he thought we were going shopping.
Umm,  no but being the nice HP that I am I took him and C 
to McDonald’s for a snack.

All during the service
I prayed for the boys to get something out of the service
Afterwards I asked R what he thought it was about
He gave a pretty good summary for someone
who didn’t want to be there.
We talked about Lent, Easter, 
the Resurrection ~ opened the doors for some conversation.

So today I give thanks for the opportunities, even unexpected ones,
to share about the Lord.

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  1. That, indeed, is something to be thankful for.

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