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Hanging In When It Would be Easier to Run

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When things get tough people usually do one or the other.

Me up until about 8 years ago I would say my first choice was flight ~ to leave the situation, usually with my  mouth running and anger spewing and then having to figure out how to make things right, figure out how to fix things.  Whatever it was it usually didn’t get fixed very well.

With lots of counseling, prayer, hard work, a loving husband and a God who never left me hanging I have learned to fight ~ to work things through, to do what is right, admit when I was wrong, learn from my mistakes, grow in the Lord through difficult times and then move forward and continue to trust the Lord


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And it has been a real hard time for the past week and a half!!
We were involved in an incident a couple of weeks back involving us and the boys in our care.  After many meetings, 5+ hours of intensive training and another meeting this afternoon
and lots of prayers.
We are so thankful for all of those who answer our call to prayer whenever and wherever we are.  It is very comforting to the heart to know wherever we are, we are loved by so many. 

Our prayers and yours were answered favorably ~ the administrators, our UM and us are back on track and all on the same page.

We are learning from our mistakes, addressing some issues with the administrators and other staff, being reminded to stop, take a breath, even two or three before re~acting and we are moving forward.  

One positive from the past two weeks is that we have received additional training and help in learning how to specifically deal with a couple of situations that may or may not appear again.  We are both feeling encouraged and will continue on with our faith in the Lord intact, knowing and believing we are following His will for our life.

Today I am thankful for the 

For new mercies every day and extended grace.

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