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Quick Update and Prayer Request

Well we made it to Blaine on Thursday!
Our day started at 3 am CT and ended about 11 pm PT ~
Boy were we tired
We flew from Waco to Dallas
Dallas to Seattle
Seattle to Bellingham
And then drove to Blaine.

Once we arrived in Bellingham we had dinner with friends.  The food was delicious but the laughter and conversations were wonderful.  It was good to catch up, share about our work and life in Waco and most of all just be with friends with no expectations.

And before long it was time to head to the Lang Hotel ~ our favorite place to stay when we are in Whatcom County.  

Thursday evening we found out Ron’s brother, John was in the hospital. And our friend, Tim had been seen in the ER and was not feeling well.

My word for 2107 ~

As RV’rs we always say our plans are made in Jello ~ you never know when they will jiggle around and things change

And so in keeping with the FLUID ~ going with the flow
Friday morning  we got up and got moving.
Stopping first at my beasties to drop off some clothes for her daughter and picking up our mail but most importantly getting in some good hugs!!!

Then off to the hospital to see John.  He is stable and for that we are thankful but do covet continued prayers for him and his health, for his wife and two daughters as they are supporting him during this time.

After visiting with John we went to Michael’s to pick up some more yarn to make a gift for my friend Lynda, she loved the color and so I made her a cowl.  

And then back to the Lang Hotel to relax and enjoy some great fellowship with good friends.

Saturday Ron went to see John, still stable but definitely not out of the woods.
For me, I hung out at the Langs, crocheting that cowl.  In the afternoon we watched the Seahawks game ~ sad to say they lost but there is always next year!!
In the evening Ron went to see our son, his wife and our sweet princess granddaughter.  I didn’t go as I was battling some sniffles and hacking coughs.  Don’t think it’s a cold but more of a reaction to the change in weather…it’s pretty dang cold here!!

More to come later!!


Today I am thankful for time to rest and relax!

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