Things Can Change on a Dime!


Just when you think things are going well


We had a great morning and a wonderful sermon ~ 
It was about being consistent and one of the examples given was about a student who can be nice and respectful for one day but the next he is a wild beast and then wonders why the Home Parents don’t trust him to do what he is supposed to do.  Pastor A said that if he one day decided to give his son everything he wanted, played with him, took him out to dinner to his favorite restaurant and focused on only him then the next day he wouldn’t speak to him, wouldn’t spend time with him and ignored him then the son would be confused.

Inconsistency leads to confusion.

So think about things the next time you wonder why your HP won’t do what you want.  Maybe it’s because the home parent is confused ~ so they don’t know how to act towards you.  It’s because your behavior and actions are not consistent.  The HP is confused.
Same thing with parents and teachers ~
If you are not consistent they don’t know what to expect or act.

Five boys returned to the unit and chaos reigned!!

One boy stole something from another student,
One boy bit another student
Then kicked another boy
Then one boy kicked me!
And then threw things across the room
Was jumping off the furniture
And multiple boys were calling me MF, FYou, FWhore
And no one would listen to HP Mr. Ron 😦

Phone calls were made, on-call staff showed up,
YCC came on duty
Then it was time for dinner
And chaos continued
Not just with our boys but all three tables of boys

On-call Administrators showed up
Ranch Administrators showed up

I went to the apartment
Done and spent!!

Talked with multiple administrators

And I went into our apartment
Took a nice long hot shower
Until I ran out of hot water 🙂

Put on my nice warm flannel Jammie’s that Ron bought me for Christmas
And then met with administrators again, this time in our apartment 🙂

Was told to get some rest tonight
Let Ron work tonight and tomorrow morning
Let the administrators meet in the morning with the UM On-call, our UM, and go from there.

All this to say
Don’t know if we still have a job or if we will be looking for work once again

What I do know is that we are going on our trip to Washington on Thursday ~ just don”t know if our stuff will be put in storage on Wednesday or not!!
Guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it!


Today I am thankful that my hubby is home!!

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