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Enjoying a Slower Pace

I love days when activities are few
and that is us today.

Ron and five of our boys are off on a hunting trip with 15 other boys and staff from main campus.  They left yesterday at 12:30 and are not due back till sometime Sunday evening.

This means I am on duty with three boys.  D & C are very low maintenance and also a big help in the unit. Little C can be very high maintenance but as long as he is kept busy and occupied things go well with him.  Last night we made a trip to Walmart.  After getting Little C’s word that he would not hide, wander or disappear we were off.  This Home Parent (HP) was pleasantly surprised as he was very good.  Promising to buy him some oatmeal cream cookies was worth an uneventful store run.

My only concern when Ron is gone is “what if my blood sugar drops and I am in the apartment?”  so we put in an emergency plan.  D knew that if I was not out of the apartment by 8:45 this morning he was to call Miss Donna & Mr. Jack though Little C said he could run to their unit faster than D could call and to give him something to do we told him if D told him to run and get Miss D and Mr J that he needed to do that.  He said “Miss Ali I hope you don’t have any issues but I will run real fast if D tells me to!!”

Fortunately no issues happened last night and we will have the same plan in place tonight.

The boys and I have decided that the next Saturday we are on duty (the 21st) we are going to skip breakfast in the dining hall and have a sleep late morning!!  Sounds good to me.

So we were off to Walmart and then back to the unit for snack ~ homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and maraschino cherries and of course whip cream.

Today is going to be a pretty relaxed day ~ one reason is that it is freezing outside…22* this morning and supposed to warm up to 29* so I am happy to stay home.  
I finished up a pony tail hat for one of the other house moms.  This one was lavendar.  I am thinking I may make me a beanie hat in the same color or maybe make one in light blue to match my jacket.  

I will also be working on a baby blanket ~ baby girl not due till May but better to be prepared.  Once that blanket is done back to the black, grey and white one I am making for a friend.

One nice thing, the three boys here all like playing video games or spending time on the computer so I shouldn’t have to go outside except to walk over to the dining hall.


Making the Apartment Our Home

We really like our little apartment but realized the bedroom we chose for us really wasn’t a great choice as one wall backs to the wall in the living room which means we can hear the boys early in the morning on school days and late weekend nights.

So this week we took on the project to move our bedroom from the front to the back. The common wall in the bedroom goes to UM Mr. Chris’ office and since he is not here early in the morning or watching TV at night our bedroom is now a welcome sanctuary.  Another plus is that the big window in the bedroom faces the pond and cow field so we have a very peaceful view when we wake up in the mornings.  

The bedrooms  have been switched but I still need to move the clothes from one room to the next, move the TV from the old bedroom to the new bedroom and then organize the spare bedroom ~ though it is more like a storage room, craft room and catch all room.

I will try to get pictures once I have everything organized.

Today I am
Image result for thankful
for a warm house to hide from the cold!!!

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