Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!


I love dreaming about things we have planned.

Right now we have two trips planned

The first one is a quick trip to 

We head out on Thursday
and return the following Tuesday.

We are looking forward to time
friends and family
worshipping with our 
Northwood Alliance Church Family.

We have been watching the weather and trying to figure out how to pack.  
It looks like we might get one day of snow!!!
And it wouldn’t be the PNW
if it didn’t rain a bit too!!!

And then in February we will have 
three weeks off!!!
That’s one of the perks with our job
here in Waco:

we work 7 days
and then have 7 days off
so when we take a week of vacation
we actually get three weeks off ~ 21 days!!!

We don’t have all our plans set but we know we will be going to
and then back to Texas!!!

Do you like to anticipate things?
What’s your favorite thing to look forward to?

Me ~ anytime I get to spend with family and/or friends!!!

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