Should I or Shouldn’t I?

As I sit here and spend waste time on Facebook, 
checking out Amazon looking for a shoulder bag/purse big enough to carry some daily necessities like my glucometer, a wallet, my cell phone ~ why the heck did I get such a big phone???, some medication, a few pens, 
looking at emails, trying to figure out how to reply to some of them I find my mind
Image result for wandering
I should get up and clean my kitchen

I should pick up my crocheting ~ I have two different projects I am working on, both by the way too big and bulky to take on the plane next week when we fly to Washington

I should think about going to bed ~ we do go to work tomorrow

I should order my college transcripts to take a class being offered
by MCH which would eliminate having to take 30 hours of training

I should figure out how to get my birth certificate so I can get my Passport

So many

Image result for shoulds
but here I sit
(cross legged in the recliner ~ that’s a GOOD thing)

So what do you think I should do?


is this what I really need to do???

Image result for shoulds

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