Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!


Palestine, TX that is 😋

We woke up on Tuesday morning
feeling rested and ready to get out of the apartment
so we headed off to 
Image result for palestine tx
Palestine, TX
about 95 miles from the Boys Ranch
the weather was sunny and supposed to be in the mid 60’s
definitely a great day for a drive.

We packed a small ice chest with water, cheese, beef sausage stick, 
some protein bars and a few other things
and off we were.

The drive was wonderful.
First we listened to the six Christmas CD’s we had,
then changed them out to gospel ones.
We love to sing while we are driving
and today was no different.

One thing we noticed today in our drive
is that there are a lot of small cemeteries throughout the area.
We didn’t stop today to walk through any
but we have before. 
We read the dates and try to imagine what their life
had been like.  Maybe next time.

We got back to the apartment just after 5:00
and the weather was definitely changing
as the wind was picking up and the air was quite chilly.

One thing we always do
before heading out for a trip, whether just into town
or out and about like today,
is PRAY.

In my scripture reading today I was reminded
over and over how God is our protector.

First in,
Image result for psalm 91 11
Image result for 2 kings 6 16
We may not always know what He protects us from,
but sometimes we can imagine.

Tonight on the news there was a story about a man with multiple guns,
the SWAT team responding and closing down Highway 45
for a few hours ~ one of the routes we had thought of taking
was Highway 45 
protected us as we came home a totally different route.

One of our many discussions today
was about 
for where would we be without God.
Our strength comes from Him.

We are thankful today that God
encouraged us to go a different route
and brought us safely back to our little apartment.

What are you thankful for today?

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