Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Month: December 2016

  • New Day

    Feeling the urge to say  GOOD Morning!! For us it means less than four more hours of work this week. Then off for seven wonderful days. Not sure what we are doing, we just know we are not working!!

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  • In Shock!

    I am sitting here in disbelief!!! Before we left Oregon I had my A1C down to 7.7 not great but not bad. Some of you are probably asking  What is A1C? In layman’s term it is the average of my blood sugars for the past three months. So today I got the results from  last…

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  • And the Journey Continues

    I am so  for  who know me well and  love me  enough to tell me the hard things. I know that so often my emotions like to run away like a deer being spooked. After a few good talks, emails, chats and especially time with the Lord my spirit has calmed once again. Now looking…

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  • It Doesn’t Really Matter

    It Doesn’t Really Matter ~ it doesn’t matter how hard I try I FAIL ~ it doesn’t matter what you do for others IT’S NEVER ENOUGH ~ it doesn’t matter  ~ it plain doesn’t matter And I am DONE!!! I am done trying to be strong I am done trying to give the benefit of…

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