Thoughts Abounding

My mind is flowing with thoughts.
It’s election day ~ yes we voted, thankful for mail in ballots.
Now it is wait and see with lots of prayers.
Wondering if it is a 
as it sure feels like it with these boys.
Two are sick with the flu ~
and don’t understand why they have to wear masks,
can’t go to the dining hall and it doesn’t help that they
don’t feel “sick” but have all the symptoms.
We have an extra boy in the unit for a few days ~
so that changes the dynamics.
We got a new boy last week, Wednesday, and so he is feeling 
his way around the unit.  He is new to our unit but not to the ranch ~
so he is struggling with what is okay in this unit,
getting to know the other boys in a totally different situation.
Thinking how the change of houseparents is similar to parents 
sharing custody of kids…each has their own rules even though
they follow the same guidelines yet we are different people and so handle things
differently ~ neither way is right or wrong, it just is.
Tuesday’s tend to be our hardest day
and every week we have a short house meeting once we come on duty,
to remind the boys we start new today and move forward.
The boys know we like to have fun yet they know we 
expect them to meet our expectations
and MCH Rules/Life Skills.
Sort of like MCH 10 Commandments
1. Use Good Words to Communicate
(no swearing is a biggy)
2. Be Gentle and Kind
(use good words and keep your hands to yourself)
3. Show Respect
(of people and property)
4. Listen and Learn
(listen when spoken to,
learn how to manage your feelings)
5. Understand Who is in Charge
(houseparents, unit manager, MCH staff)
6. Accept Decisions of Authority
(even when you don’t like it,
remember wherever you go in life you will have a boss of some kind)
7. Make Good Choices
(in life, school and relationships)
8.  Focus and Finish Your Work
(school work, chores, projects)
9. Negotiate and Compromise
(when appropriate, remember #6)
10.  Build Trusting Relationships
(don’t manipulate, be honest and true to self and others)
Seems easy enough right,
but not always for any one of us.
Sometimes we all need reminders.  
My reminder came to me through my devotion this morning:
And so throughout the day,
as things were shared,
and then things changed,
laughter and tears
through it all
May God bless each of you who reads my blog
and as I always say:
please feel free to leave a message,
share a prayer request,
ask a question
but most of all 
Jesus Loves You!!!

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