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Month: November 2016

  • Ready for a New Day

    Today is a new day and a different day. Usually Tuesday’s are our changeover days but this week it changes to Wednesday here at the Ranch. So today all four Home Parents will be on duty, with four boys as three of our boys are on Home Visits and one was released on Saturday. It…

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  • Life Goes On

    I know my last post sounded like I was ready to run and run fast I stopped, we stopped and prayed and talked with good friends and our bosses and took a week off and heard the Lord say and after staying quiet, resting, praying, laying low due to cough and spending time in the…

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  • Really ???

    I believe that we are called for a purpose and yet right now, right this moment I am ready to say I don’t like this purpose, this calling and I think God  Made A  Great  Big  Mistake or else what I thought was God calling us to this place, for this season, for such a…

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  • Change and a Purpose

    I woke this morning crying out to Jesus ~ last night was hard,  hard because I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. How do you teach respect? By showing respect even in the midst of hard stuff. And the first thing I read was God never changes He is and Always will be…

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  • Thoughts Abounding

    My mind is flowing with thoughts. It’s election day ~ yes we voted, thankful for mail in ballots. Now it is wait and see with lots of prayers. Wondering if it is a  as it sure feels like it with these boys. Two are sick with the flu ~ and don’t understand why they have…

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