Fun Trip to Galveston, TX

First a quick update about life at The Ranch
We are enjoying our work/life here at The Ranch.  One of the benefits here in Waco is that we work seven days on and then have seven days off.   Our week with the boys, which I wrote a bit about last weekend, is going well.  We remind ourselves often, boys will be boys and teenagers aren’t the best of thinkers.  We look for the good in each day and try to focus on the positives with “our boys.”  And we marvel how the Lord is leading us as we live and work with these boys.  
One night last weekend I headed to bed early as I had a headache.  Like I always do, I kissed Ron before heading into our apartment.  Two of the boys reacted with a groan…I asked what was wrong and one of them said…do you always kiss all the time?  I said you betcha…we love each other and kissing each other when one of us leaves or heads to bed for the night it is just a reminder to both of us how much we love and enjoy each other.  Many times over the past month we have been asked “have you really been married to each other for 40 years?”  and we always say a resounding YES!!!  For these boys knowing someone and being married to the same person for 40 years is not the norm.
Evening Cruise, Galveston TX

Galveston Texas

September 7 to 10, 2016
One of our goals is to go on a weekend getaway at least once a month.  Our weekend was from Wednesday to Saturday.  (We are off Tuesday’s at noon to Tuesday’s 9 am).
 Wednesday, September 7th
On our way to Galveston we came across the George Bush Presidential Library
Here are just a few of the pics we took. 
We hope to go back again where we can spend more time.
Thursday, September 8th
A Day at the Beach
We enjoyed the day as we drove the length of Galveston Island – 32 miles.
We really enjoyed walking along the beach and had planned to go back on Friday morning for a few hours but the weather wasn’t cooperating.  We look forward to going back to Galveston and spending more time at the beach.
Friday, September 9th
We took a two hour evening cruise.  It was beautiful and very peaceful.
We were able to see some dolphins though not quick enough to get pictures.
 Captain Ralph did a great job on guiding us on our tour in the Gulf of Mexico.
Saturday, September 10th found us taking the long way back to Waco.  We put our address in and then chose the “avoid highways” option.  We saw a lot of neat entry gates to ranches, found ourselves trying to avoid the heavy rains but most of all just enjoying our time together.
We hope you enjoyed this small glimpse at our Galveston getaway.

2 thoughts on “Fun Trip to Galveston, TX”

  1. I visited Galveston on my 2nd to last trip to see my sister in TX. She's in Groves (1.5 hours southeast of Houston) so it was about an hour drive. Beautiful area, great food, very different houses than we're used to here in the northeast. Lots of great colors and everything is on stilts. Loved seeing all the longhorns too. Glad you had a nice, relaxing getaway.

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