Our New Home

Whew!!  We are finally settled into our new home here in Waco, TX
We have a two bedroom apartment which is attached to Slator North (our boys home) here at the Methodist Boys Ranch.
The Main Entrance to the Boys Ranch
The front door of our house.
Another view from our living room.


One of the views from our living room.
Our front room
the door in the living room leads to the foyer of the house.
Close up of my babies 🙂
The wall in the kitchen that continues from the living room ~
on the other side of the stove is the double recliner.
Another view of the kitchen, from our bedroom doorway
Our Bathroom
And yes I know I have lots of earrings and necklaces!! 

 Below are the four different squares on our shower curtain.



Our Bedroom
 When we left Newberg the bottom frame to our bed was broken so Ron figured he would just make a new one when we arrived here in Waco.  Anyone who knows us, knows we have lots of storage totes, at one time alone we ahd 19 Christmas totes…not so many now 🙂
So here is Ron working on building the frame for our bed:

 Taking a much needed break 🙂
 And the finished bed.
We can store 4 totes on each side of the bed.


One of the windows in our very long hallway.
In our spare bedroom I am working on a craft corner and this is my corner
I have set up for my quiet time, Bible reading, letter writing, etc.
We are planning to get a hide-a-bed couch for in the spare bedroom too!
Because of our schedule of working 7 days/off 7 days we have lots of time for visitors
so if you want to come and see us, let us know and we can coordinate with our schedule.
We are quite happy in our little home
and look forward to making lots of 
memories here.

One response to “Our New Home”

  1. I really hope you enjoy your new home. It looks like you've made it into a loving home.

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