Our New Home

Whew!!  We are finally settled into our new home here in Waco, TX
We have a two bedroom apartment which is attached to Slator North (our boys home) here at the Methodist Boys Ranch.
The Main Entrance to the Boys Ranch
The front door of our house.
Another view from our living room.


One of the views from our living room.
Our front room
the door in the living room leads to the foyer of the house.
Close up of my babies 🙂
The wall in the kitchen that continues from the living room ~
on the other side of the stove is the double recliner.
Another view of the kitchen, from our bedroom doorway
Our Bathroom
And yes I know I have lots of earrings and necklaces!! 

 Below are the four different squares on our shower curtain.



Our Bedroom
 When we left Newberg the bottom frame to our bed was broken so Ron figured he would just make a new one when we arrived here in Waco.  Anyone who knows us, knows we have lots of storage totes, at one time alone we ahd 19 Christmas totes…not so many now 🙂
So here is Ron working on building the frame for our bed:

 Taking a much needed break 🙂
 And the finished bed.
We can store 4 totes on each side of the bed.


One of the windows in our very long hallway.
In our spare bedroom I am working on a craft corner and this is my corner
I have set up for my quiet time, Bible reading, letter writing, etc.
We are planning to get a hide-a-bed couch for in the spare bedroom too!
Because of our schedule of working 7 days/off 7 days we have lots of time for visitors
so if you want to come and see us, let us know and we can coordinate with our schedule.
We are quite happy in our little home
and look forward to making lots of 
memories here.


All Settled Into Our New Home

I know some of you have been wondering how things are going here in Waco ~ well we finished 8 long days of orientation on Wednesday, August 10.
Thursday, August 11 was filled with lots of emotions.  To get business out of the way first we met with our Unit Manager (UM) Mr. Chris and Mr. Richard (his last day was Friday, August 12th).  We learned how to do our payroll ~ good thing and payday is this Friday.  It has been since the end of July since we have gotten a regular paycheck and juggling things have been a bit tough but we made it!!!  
And many times throughout the day we thought of our son, Royce Alan.  
Picture taken by our son, Brandon, August 2015 when he was in Las Vegas.
He also bought the special bear for Royce.
It is so hard to believe that he has been gone from us for 39 years.  My mnd wanders sometimes to thinking what would his life have been like?  We know what the medical doctors told us at the time of his passing but still this mama’s heart wonders.
We were able to text with both Jamie and Brandon and that warmed our hearts.  We are so thankful for both of our sons who are with us today.  We are proud of the young men, husbands, daddy’s and friends they have become.  
Friday, August 12th found out getting out of the apartment ~ can you say cabin fever?  We were able to get a check cashed and so we decided to go for a drive to Arlington, TX ~ destination Costco – they take checks 🙂  We set our GPS for the shortest route from MCH to Costco – we drove through some beautiful country, enjoyed being together, talked about our upcoming week of finally being able to work with the boys here and then we had Costco hotdogs for lunch ~ cheap and tasty!  After spending way too much money yet thankful we had the money to spend we took the fastest route back to our apartment here at Boys Ranch.
Saturday we decided to go to the Farmers’ Market here in Waco.  There were lots and lots of food vendors.  We can’t wait to go back and get some homemade tamales ~ $17 for a dozen ~ and I can almost taste them.  I won a free jar of garlic/herb spice from one of the vendors because I guessed the answer to a question about a from the 60’s/70’s ~ Peter, Paul & Mary.  Going to try the spices tonight when I make spaghetti for us for dinner.
We then rode the free trolley around town.  Stopped at Magnolia Farms ~ it was way too busy for us but at least we can say we have been there, done that.  Maybe we will go again when it is not the weekend and maybe it won’t be so crowded.
And then we drove around the back side of Boys Ranch to the Branch Davidian Compound.

There are signs on the main gate No Trespassing so we didn’t go any further in.  We were surprised to find out the compound is directly on the backside of the Boys Ranch.  None of the staff who are here now were here when the FBI took over Branch Davidian.  It would have been interesting to talk to someone to hear how all that affected, if it did, the Boys Ranch.  We did notice there are still some homes on the property and that they looked like they were being lived in.  We respected their privacy and the No Trespassing signs so we did not drive through the gates.
Sunday, August 14 we had breakfast with the boys and Mr. Scott and Miss Christina (our counter house parents) and then went to church with them at the Main Campus.  It was a great service ~ the pastor spoke about Daniel and how he and his three friends made the choice to follow God even during difficult times.  Next Sunday we will be on our own with the boys ~ it is nice to know where to park, where to sit in the sanctuary (each house is assigned two rows of pews ~ it changes from week to week) and what the service was like.  In two weeks (on our off week) we will be checking out a church here in Waco.  Most of the house parents attend elsewhere on their off weeks.  And that is our plan as well.
In the afternoon I worked on some cards to send out ~ if you want to get on our monthly newsletter please be sure to send me a note through the comments or on Facebook.  In the evening we watched a couple of movies and just relaxed.
And today we finished hanging up pictures in our apartment ~ so get ready for your tour!!
This is one wall in our kitchen.  
This is one corner in our bathroom with two of my earring holders
and the Hear, See, Speak No Evil decoration from our son, Jamie
This is one wall in our bedroom.  The cross-stitch picture was made for us
on our 25th wedding anniversary by my sister Joanie.  Though she refuses to speak
to us we do think of her often.
This lttle sign we have had hanging in our home
since our boys were 6 & 8.
I am sure if they were asked if the saying is true,
they would give a resounding yes!!
Two of my graduation diplomas

This is actually 3 pictures but I couldn’t get all three in the picture.  
From left to right is my Aunt Cathie & my Dad, Ted ~ there were 7 & 9 we believe.
The middle picture is of my dad’s parents at their wedding.
It is the only picture I have of my grandparents on my dad’s side.  
This is the corner opposite of our bed.
Pictures of our boys and all the grands are in this corner.
This is in our bathroom.
The two pictures of Jamie and his family
and Brandon and his family when Treyson was born.

And that’s it for now.
Next blog will be pictures of our apartment!!

Don’t forget if you want to receive our monthly newsletter to send me your snail mail address!!


Being Encouraged

As I was reading my devotion this morning
which is found in Psalm 40: 11-12 I was reminded how TRUTH is so very important in all aspects of my life.  I had awakened from a dream where there was frustration and anger and I just didn’t understand it.  I found myself asking “why am I always so frustrated with ABC?”  “why am I so critical of ABC?”  and then I realized what I need to do is change my ATTITUDE, not expect ABC to change ~ they don’t see they need to change…it is me who needs to change.  
Change my attitude, my thought process and most of all take MY stuff to Jesus and ask for his help in dealing with ABC.  And as I read further into my devotion I was reminded the key to changing my attitude is to change my way of thinking, instead of finding fault with ABC I need to recognize the good things, be thankful for the good things ~ and yes, I may struggle to find the good things but I know deep down they are there.
When I was first began to look for a picture for Psalm 40:11-12 
the picture below was the first to pop up
and the tears began to flow.
August 8 is so full of memories and as the week continues, 
memories of joy, fear, love, sadness will envelope me
but today I want to focus on the good things of that day!!!
Happy Birthday

Celebrating Jamie’s birthday with the Bellingham Bells!!!

Graduation from Basic Training, US Army
Jamie the day he returned from Iraq
I always try to focus on the positive of August 8th.
August 8, 1977

Royce Alan Workentin was born at 2:21 am 
in Las Vegas, NV weighing 4 lbs 8 oz, 18″ long

Ronald James Workentin, JR was born at 2:41 am 
in Las Vegas, NV weighing 3 lbs 12 oz, 19 1/4″ long

a day filled with lots of love!!! and celebrations!!!

Lord help me today to be encouraged and see all the 
good things in my life!!  By focusing on the positive
my attitude will reflect those things.

Ron’s Version of our Trip from Gresham, OR to Waco, TX

Hi All!!!

Ron kept a running log of our trip from Gresham, OR to Waco, TX and thought y’all might enjoy reading his version ~

Our Trip to Waco

July 24th ~ Sunday morning GPS says 2098 miles 32 hours 26 minutes driving time arrival time will be tomorrow at 7:07 pm
Starting odometer reading in the truck was 146025
After we ate lunch. The truck odometer reading is 146176. 

Got to the top of Cabbage Patch Hill to Dead Man’s Pass Rest Area truck odometer reading 146245
Stop for gas in La Grande, Oregon. Took 32.198 gallons $85.61. 
Truck odometer reading is 146277. 298 miles from picking up the truck.

Weatherby Rest Area stop to go the bathroom and get a bite to eat. The truck odometer reading 146352

Stopped for supper. Exit 13 in Idaho. Truck odometer reads 146408. 
Stopped at the rest area by Bliss. Now heading to Twin Falls for the night. Truck odometer reading is 146529.

Made it to Twin Falls. Got the hotel about 10 o’clock.  Ali said it was 10:04. Was not easy to find the hotel or parking spot to put the hotel address in the GPS. But I made it. The truck odometer reading is 146575.

And here we are ready to go Monday morning from Twin Falls Idaho.

I forgot to save the picture from this morning. I just got fuel and 36.516 gallons. Odometer reading is 146617 in Burley, ID.

So here we are at the last rest area in Idaho. The truck odometer reads 146676.

Stopped at the rest area to go to the bathroom. The truck odometer reading is 146738. Also found out where to go to go in Salt Lake.

Had to get some batteries for the radios. Now ready to go again. Truck odometer reading 146748

Stopped and went to Antelope Island. We wanted to go in the great Salt Lake. I went in but Ali said the water was too cruddy. Now we are back at the truck truck odometer reading is 146773. We are going to grab some stuff to eat on the way and get back on the road.

Odometer 146878 Tie Fork rest area.

Getting gas in Price Utah. The odometer reading is 146917. Spending the night here at the Ramada Inn. 

July 26th ~ Tuesday morning getting ready to leave the motel in Price Utah.

Rest area so the Crescent Junction Utah. Trupck odometer reading 147002

Monticello, Utah. Odometer reading147089. 

Leaving Walmart in Cortez, Colorado. Odometer reading 147153.

I’m gonna stop and get fuel before I leave Cortez and I can take another picture. 147155

Four Corners Monument odometer reading 147195

Odometer 147226 This was in Shiprock New Mexico. At a bathroom break. 

We then drove to Farmington and spent the night at the La Quinta Motel. I will take a picture of the GPS in the morning. The truck odometer reading is 147260

Cuba, NM. Odometer reading147358

Odometer reading 147421. We stopped for fuel and lunch. Went to Walmart.

Bathroom break at rest area. Odometer reading 147488

Stop for a souvenir shopping expedition. Odometer reading 147499.

Odometer reading 147602

Stop for fuel in Clovis New Mexico truck odometer reading is 147667. 

Stop for the night in Post, Texas. Odometer reading is 147807.

Thursday, July 28th ~ Stopped in Snyder for bathroom break. Odometer reading 147855.

Stopped at a rest area just east of Abilene. Odometer reading is 147943

Fuel stop odometer reading 147955

I am now parked in front of the house at Boys Ranch😄. And the odometer reading is 148126. And time is 3:50.
One thing we like to do is see how close we get to our ETA when traveling on trips.  We knew we would not be close to our first ETA when we left Gresham, OR.
Our first ETA was Monday, July 25th at 7:07 PM
Our final ETA was for Thursday, July 28th at 3:10 PM
We actually arrived at Methodist Children’s Home ~ Boys Ranch at 3:50 PM
It was a fun and for the most part uneventful trip.
Some of the things we had to deal with was Ali losing her credit card on Tuesday.  It was not realized though till we were in Price, UT (thus our stop for the night).  After phone calls, tears, more phone calls, a trip to Walmart, tears and more phone calls we called it a night and just stayed in Price.
Another issue was not eating very well on the second day of traveling ~ made much better choices about stopping at specific times and planning out our meals.
On Wednesday we had decided to drive until about 8 or 9 PM but we ended up driving until close to 11 PM because we decided to go around Lubbock, TX instead of through town.  We ended up staying in a Best Western in Post, Texas for the night.
We were tired and exhausted but glad to see
And to know we were now at our new home!!!