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Tuesday ~ July 26 from Price UT to Farmington NM

Another day down, two more to go!
We left Price, UT just after 9 am this morning.

You can’t really tell from this picture but from a distance this rock formation loooked like a big ship on a pile of rocks.
I was so busy taking this picture that I forgot to pull into the rest area ~ lesson learned, stop at rest area first before taking pictures 🙂
The only arch formation we saw

At Four Corners Monument

Ron standing in New Mexico and pointing to it on a sticker.

And yes, we are actually standing in a total of four states!!  

Thought seeing the distances from the Four Corners was kind of cool.

This was the official welcoming sign into New Mexico.

Welcome to the Navajo Reservation

Was trying to get a picture of a cloud formation – didn’t work too well ~ another lesson on how not to take a picture while driving.

Trying to get a picture of the rainbow – it started above the trees to the left, then went behind the clouds and popped out on the other side ~ again it didn’t really show what I wanted it to show.
It was a much better day than yesterday.
Being purposeful in stopping to eat played a major role 
in being a better day.
We are now settled into our room in Farmington, New Mexico.
We have about another 875 miles to go to 
and we hope to be there sometime mid-afternoon on Thursday.
PS ~ tomorrow, Wednesday, July 27th is Ron’s birthday!!!
Not sure how we will celebrate but I will think of something!!!!
**NOTE:  All of these pictures were taken by Ali Workentin**

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