Things are Moving Along

Things are moving along as we prepare to move to Texas.  
We had a list of things that needed to get done for Methodist Children’s Home 
to get our employee paperwork in order.  Our list included:
 ~ transcripts for each of us
~ fingerprints for a background check
And then our own list of stuff to do:
~ order my medications ~~ being processed and sent to our new home in Texas
~ arrange for a rental truck to get our stuff to Texas ~~ picking it up the morning of July 23rd
~ make an eye appointment to get my eye polished ~~ done will do that on Monday, July 18th 
~ make lists of what we need to take with us in the car
~ planning our route ~~ Ron has it pretty much figured out
and then of course see friends & family, rest, see friends & family
As I have said many times
Yesterday morning I was reminded of Paul’s statement
and realized it is not something that just happens,
it is LEARNED ~ which means some days 
I grasp this very quickly and other days it is harder than ever.
Then reading about forgiveness in Isaiah 38:15-20 I was reminded that when someone hurts me I need to forgive them just as God has forgiven me over and over. Specifically a situation that happened last week where someone said and did something that through me for a loop and I was hurt, wanted to spout off my mouth and yet I held my tongue, kept off my phone so my fingers didn’t write something that I would later regret and then yesterday I was reminded not only do I need to forgive that person for how they hurt me but also pray for blessings for them and not harm or pain to come on them.  I just need to love him/her and pray for them, for everything about them.  It was really humbling for me to stop and think about my relationship and what is the most important thing and that is to love them as they are and pray for God to put people in their lives to do the things I am unable to do.
As I sat in the living room of the home where we are staying I had many memories flooding through my mind ~ some hard and yet so many fun times shared in this home, sometimes crying out in fear and the feelings of uncertainty and coming full circle to a place of excitement and peace.
So thankful for the graciousness and hospitality of friends and family to open their homes to us as we are in a state of transition. And how the Lord has used this time to remind me of his mercies and grace in our lives.
This morning during my quiet time 
We have been on quite the journey throughout our 40+ years of marriage and when we look back at just the past six years we can see how the Lord has been with us every step of the way ~ maybe our journey has not been the way some would have liked to see us live YET we can look back and see how the Lord was right there.
We may have not taken the shortest or easiest routes to get somewhere but we have never been alone and for that I/we are very thankful.  
For the rest of this week to Monday, July 18th,  we will be in Blaine 
Our schedule as far as we know it is:
Wednesday ~ Ron is going to Bible Study in the morning
Ali is going to spend the day with her bestie!!!
Thursday ~ we have plans to join friends in Bellingham for dinner
Friday ~ we will be in Ferndale visiting Jamie and his family
Sunday ~ we will be at Northwood Alliance Church for Sunday morning worship
Monday ~ we head back to Gresham, OR making a stop in Kirkland to see my ocularist for a very important and necessary eye polishing.
Wishing each of you a great day!!!

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