What’s Been Happening???

I’m tired.
I want to write, have lots of stuff running through my mind and yet can’t figure out how to get them out of the mind and onto the paper.
We had a monkey wrench sent our way.  A week and half ago I got sick, really sick with things coming out both ends ~ it was not a fun thing.  I was sick Monday thru Thursday and due to Holiday protocol I had to be symptom free for 48 hours before returning to work.  All in all I was off 9 days!!!  I wish I could say it was fun but being sick and not being able to do anything was exhausting.  I am just so thankful that I am feeling better.
Today was my first day back at work – after the first hour I was tired but I hung in there.  We had a meeting after lunch so I was able to get refueled.  And before I knew it, it was 4:00 – that’s when the fun began.  We heard someone yelling “help, help”  and so Ron and I flew out of the office.  We found the resident standing in the kitchen doorway saying no yelling.  By the time we got to her, we asked her what was wrong?  It was too hot in her apartment, her daughter left and left the heat on.  So Ron went to her apartment, the temperature was up to 79′ so Ron turned it down to 74′  All was well, well not really.  About 15 minutes later we hear the resident yelling at Ron – now its too cold in my apartment.  She wanted it turned to 69′ ~ Ron must have told her three or four times that would make it colder.  I am not sure how he resolved things with her as by then I was back in the office.
Busily working on the calendar and being close to 5 pm Ron headed to the kitchen to get coffee made.  About 5:10 I saw a cop coming into the building.  I got up to see what was up.  He asked me to direct the paramedics up to another resident’s apartment.  Okie dokie.  I asked one of the housekeepers to go tell Ron I would be a while.  I went back to grab my keys and phone and the housekeeper came back and asked if I wanted her to help Ron with serving tea since I was going to be occupied…I said that would be great.  
So up the stairs and down the hall.  Two cops, 4 paramedics, the wife, the home health nurse and myself plus two residents.  An hour later, one resident on the way to the hospital and I headed back downstairs.  Found out one of our evening servers never showed up.  Thankfully the housekeeper that helped Ron with the tea/coffee was able to stay and help serve dinner.  
Ron helped the evening servers with bussing the tables while I finished up a couple of things in the office.  I tried to eat but I was feeling so stressed.  I ate the French Onion Soup with 
and it was delicious.  And it hit the spot.
And then back to the office.  
And then another visit by the cops.  And on the phone with the resident. 
Long talk with the officer.
Everyone has left for the day,
the kitchen staff,
residents are hunkered down in their apartments,
and then I
let the tears flow…
…as the memories of my mom & my dad, 
drinking to excess,
fighting to no end,
and more tears flowing
reminding myself
that this is now and that was then
and then I prayed for the couple upstairs,
asking for protection and peace in their apartment tonight
and then I came home,
snuggled with my hubby
giving thanks for the man who loves me,
treats me like a queen,
and who I have never feared would hurt me.
If you feel led, say a prayer for the couple upstairs,
for sleep to come quickly tonight to me
and that I have no dreams of the past.

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