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God Works Mysteriously

Just after I posted my blog yesterday I got an email from my best friend, Dee.  She hadn’t seen my blog and yet her message to me was just a big confirmation that God is right here with me each and every step of the way.  He’s funny like that ~ I will think something, He shows me right where I am what I need to do or continue thinking about.
I will write Dee or another friend and before I can send the email I hear from someone who is either validating what I have written or challenges me deeper ~ God is so good; he just keeps meeting me right where I am.
Today my devotion came from 1 Cor. 9:19-23
From my notes:
  ~ faith is not built on what we must do, but what Christ has already done.
  ~ everything is done in His strength, not my own
  ~ Six things which will allow the Holy Spirit to work through me
         1.  Forget yourself
         2.  Ask questions
         3.  Take time
         4.  Reach out
         5.  Be kind
         6.  Show up
WOW!  is all I can say.  On Wednesday when I could feel the anxiety climbing in my mind and body and I stepped away for a few minutes, prayed and regrouped the outcome of what I needed to deal with turned out okay.  All was calm, yes the person I had to speak with was totally mad at me and still was yesterday, but it is what it is ~ she does not like to be corrected or told how to do something – that’s her issue not mine ~ our company has policy and procedures that need to be followed and one of my jobs is to make sure that the associates do their job correctly and like we say it “the Holiday way.”
Just like I need to follow Christ and do things His way, here at work we have to do things the Holiday way if we want to continue to work here.  It is what it is.
The other point I gleaned from my time with the Lord this morning is “treat others the way I want to be treated and allow God to do His thing.”  and in a nutshell “loving others the way God loves me.”
Showing Grace and Mercy!
On another note, as I was walking from our apartment to the office yesterday afternoon, I apologized to one of the residents for missing Fireside Chat on Tuesday ~ I had been caught in a meeting that went way longer than I had anticipated.  She said no need, she saw the door was closed and knew that I was doing something that needed to be done.  Our conversation lasted about 10 minutes and one of the things she shared with me was that she appreciated Ron and I being here at Astor House…she sees our genuine care of people shine every day even though we are “so busy” ~ her words ~  and she said “thank you for making each of us feel special.”  I just smiled and said thank you and she said, “no really you make each of us feel special and we all know you care about each of us – that’s special to us.”
As I walked away from her I thanked God for the reassurance that we truly are where we need to be at this time in life.
Two prayer requests this morning ~
Please continuet to pray for Aunt Erma and Uncle Rex.  Both Ron and I feel like we are losing our parents all over again…we love them dearly, thank God that he directed us to stop and see them on our way to Oregon from Missouri and that our time together was very special.
Also, please keep Jackie & George (the lead managers here at Astor House) as they are dealing with major health issues with Jackie’s mom and things are tough right now.
Thanks and have a blessed day!!!
Talk to y’all soon!!!

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