Snuggles, Basketball and God’s Faithfulness

I have been absent the last few days as we have been at our sons’ Brandon’s home.  Friday we spent the day snuggling and taking care of two sick little ones.  Alexander and Treyson were under the weather so what’s a Grammy and Grandpa supposed to do…go do some snuggling.

Saturday we were able to go to Christopher’s basketball game.  It brought back lots of memories when Brandon played and here he is now coaching his own 7 year old son!

And then we headed back to our apartment here in Newberg.  On the way we saw some beautiful rainbows

~~and if I could figure out how to get my photos from my phone to my laptop I would share our day in pictures with you ~~

You will just have to trust me that we had a good time snuggling and watching Christopher as he played basketball or should I say, run around the court and having fun!

Friday night we had Sushi for dinner and was glad that Max and his girlfriend, Megan could join us…it was fun to just sit at the table as a whole family and share about our day.

This morning as I was having my quiet time with the Lord I was reminded of many things ~

along with
And I once again gave thanks to the Lord for his Love and Care in this journey of Life!!!  Times we have not understood the reasons behind certain things but growing each and every day to 
and looking back and seeing how God has led us, protected us, guided us and cared for us and so today I once again claim His promise to Trust HIM in all things and know that HE knows the plans HE has for me.
Prayer request ~ I would like to ask for continued prayers for our sweet Aunt Erma as she prepares to meet our loving Jesus.  We love her so much and do not like to hear of the pain and fatigue she is dealing with.  Please join me as I ask the Lord for comfort for her and Uncle Rex and give thanks foro those that can be near to them right now.  Thank you!!!

God Continually Teaches Me

We had Saturday and Sunday off this past weekend, a rarity as our normal days off are Friday and Saturday, and I just wanted to go to church, to worship with like-minded believers.  We talked about where we could go ~ we live in a new area, not really connected to anyone in the area and so we decided to sneak away and head up to Blaine to go to our home church, Northwood Alliance Church.  So we made it a true weekend get-away!

We used our hotels.com gift card from Brandon and Danalyn and made reservations at Semiahmoo ~ what a nice hotel.  Would have loved a water view but the sun shining in through the trees on Sunday morning was wonderful!!!

We headed up to Blaine early Saturday morning and checked into the hotel about 1:45 and then headed over to our friends, Jim & Mary, to help them with some last minute packing as they prepare for their move.  We visited, Ron helped Jim move a freezer, I helped pack up the kitchen and we visted.  We then went to dinner and back to the hotel to have a glass of wine together ~ and we visited!!!

Sunday morning we woke to glorious sunshine streaming through the window and then it was time to get up and get ready for church.  We hadn’t told anyone we were coming, we wanted to surprise our church family and boy did we!!!  The looks of surprise was priceless and the hugs from so many family was even better.  And fellowshipping with one another and spending time in prayer together was delightful ~ it reminded both Ron and I how much we miss the fellowship of worshipping with others and being together with believers.  We have asked our lead managers to change our Thursday schedule from Noon to 7:30 to 7:30 to 3:30 as we have found a little church here in Newberg who has Thursday night service.  Please join us in prayer about this request.

After church we met my bestie, Dee and her hubby, Tim for lunch at Paso Del Norte.  It was great to give/get hugs and enjoy a delicious meal.  I had my usual, pollo con creme and like usual it was delicious!!!  And then we headed back to Newberg.  Had an uneventful trip back, got home about 8:00 pm feeling refreshed and ready to head to work the next day.

And then this morning – my devotion was on “Fellowshipping” and what does it mean and how important it is ~ God is so amazing, meeting me right where I am, meeting my needs every step of the way, confirming things that I am finding out about myself ~ God is wonderful!!!  And I am so thankful that He loves me and knows me so well.

And then I was reminded in reading Job 23:1-12, how no matter our struggles, God is in control and has a plan for us and as long as we cling to Him, His Word and the hope he gives us we will be okay – we may struggle through things but trusting and putting our hope in the Lord is the only way to get through things.

Where do you find your hope?  your strength?

Prayer request, please keep my friend Janna and her family in your prayers as her Mom went home to be with Jesus shortly after 2 am this morning.  Janna was able to be with her and now we just need to pray for the Lord to surround her with His love and peace.


God Works Mysteriously

Just after I posted my blog yesterday I got an email from my best friend, Dee.  She hadn’t seen my blog and yet her message to me was just a big confirmation that God is right here with me each and every step of the way.  He’s funny like that ~ I will think something, He shows me right where I am what I need to do or continue thinking about.
I will write Dee or another friend and before I can send the email I hear from someone who is either validating what I have written or challenges me deeper ~ God is so good; he just keeps meeting me right where I am.
Today my devotion came from 1 Cor. 9:19-23
From my notes:
  ~ faith is not built on what we must do, but what Christ has already done.
  ~ everything is done in His strength, not my own
  ~ Six things which will allow the Holy Spirit to work through me
         1.  Forget yourself
         2.  Ask questions
         3.  Take time
         4.  Reach out
         5.  Be kind
         6.  Show up
WOW!  is all I can say.  On Wednesday when I could feel the anxiety climbing in my mind and body and I stepped away for a few minutes, prayed and regrouped the outcome of what I needed to deal with turned out okay.  All was calm, yes the person I had to speak with was totally mad at me and still was yesterday, but it is what it is ~ she does not like to be corrected or told how to do something – that’s her issue not mine ~ our company has policy and procedures that need to be followed and one of my jobs is to make sure that the associates do their job correctly and like we say it “the Holiday way.”
Just like I need to follow Christ and do things His way, here at work we have to do things the Holiday way if we want to continue to work here.  It is what it is.
The other point I gleaned from my time with the Lord this morning is “treat others the way I want to be treated and allow God to do His thing.”  and in a nutshell “loving others the way God loves me.”
Showing Grace and Mercy!
On another note, as I was walking from our apartment to the office yesterday afternoon, I apologized to one of the residents for missing Fireside Chat on Tuesday ~ I had been caught in a meeting that went way longer than I had anticipated.  She said no need, she saw the door was closed and knew that I was doing something that needed to be done.  Our conversation lasted about 10 minutes and one of the things she shared with me was that she appreciated Ron and I being here at Astor House…she sees our genuine care of people shine every day even though we are “so busy” ~ her words ~  and she said “thank you for making each of us feel special.”  I just smiled and said thank you and she said, “no really you make each of us feel special and we all know you care about each of us – that’s special to us.”
As I walked away from her I thanked God for the reassurance that we truly are where we need to be at this time in life.
Two prayer requests this morning ~
Please continuet to pray for Aunt Erma and Uncle Rex.  Both Ron and I feel like we are losing our parents all over again…we love them dearly, thank God that he directed us to stop and see them on our way to Oregon from Missouri and that our time together was very special.
Also, please keep Jackie & George (the lead managers here at Astor House) as they are dealing with major health issues with Jackie’s mom and things are tough right now.
Thanks and have a blessed day!!!
Talk to y’all soon!!!

Continuing our Journey of Life

Wow, can’t believe it has been almost four months since I have written ~ where does time go and how does something that is so important to me get pushed aside over and over again.  I wish I had the answer…what I do know is that sometimes my priorities get all mixed up.  

And yet God is faithful and leads me back to where I need to be.  It has been a busy, crazy, fun, scary and four months but I believe I am getting back to where the Lord wants me to be.

The below devotion, from Guideposts, is from today ~ how timely for me ~ just another reminder God is Good all the time!  All the time God is Good!!!

“The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me? ”
Hebrews 13:6 (NKJV)
I awake with a pounding heart and a sense of dread. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. “Lord, help me face this day,” I pray.  Maybe some doughnuts from the bakery will cheer me, but when I twist the ignition key, the car won’t start. Oh, great. Just what I need. Something else to worry about!

I do my own repairs, so I am soon up to my elbows in tools and test instruments. I feel like Sherlock Holmes probing for that one elusive clue that will unravel this mystery. I enjoy removing parts, discovering the engine’s deepest secrets. It feels masculine tugging hard on wrenches, stretching my arm muscles. I twist and bend, looking for concealed bolt heads. Soon I am breathing hard, but it’s stimulating, refreshing.  Then comes that eureka moment: It’s the coolant temperature sensor! A cheap, easy fix! An hour later I turn the key and the engine fires to life. I feel a huge sense of conquest, man over machine. I am John Henry, the steel-driving man!

I am grinning from ear to ear when my wife opens the kitchen door. “It’s time for lunch. And don’t forget, you have a doctor’s appointment.” I did forget! So absorbed was I in my work that there was no room for anxiety.
The appointment went all right, and on the way home I gave myself a lecture. “Next time you are facing a threat, find something to occupy your mind. If not car repair, then gardening or helping Sharon clean house.”
It’s easier to carry two suitcases than one because the load is better balanced and sometimes one problem balances out another.

Digging Deeper:  Deuteronomy 20:1, 2 Kings 6:16

We have just completed our 90 days here at Astor House in Newberg, OR.  We are finally settled into our one-bedroom apartment and all the storage totes are unloaded and we are no longer tripping over them.  We are enjoying our job here at Astor House, still learning lots of new things but also finding out the best way to work with our team.  Being a supervisor again has had some issues ~ learning how to communicate as a team so that the outcome is what we need it to bed.

Have had a few stressful days ~ but with much prayer from friends and God’s mercy and grace the days are moving along smoothly.

One of the gifts I received at Christmas was a Fitbit Charge HR – I am loving being able to track my steps – goal is 10,000, have hit 8,000 once but consistently getting in between 6000 to 7000 – so the goal is not too far away.  As of 1/18 I had lost 7.8 lbs since 12/31 – so that is a good thing.  I am implenting new and healthy foods, activities and thoughts into my daily plan…I am now drinking at least 64 oz of water a day ~ those who know me that is a new record – give me a pop anyday.  I have cut them way out…having one maybe once every three or four days.  I am only ordering water if we go out to eat, and when the four pops that are left in the fridge are gone I won’t be buying anymore.  And I am okay with that decision.

I am also making sure to eat breakfast every morning…something I used to not do at all unless we were traveling or going out for breakfast.  I usually have oatmeal and switch it up once in awhile with cottage cheese and fruit or an egg and some ham or bacon.  

I know these don’t sound like much but every little new step will lead to bigger steps along the way.

I am also back into having my Daily Quiet time with the Lord.  Oh how I have missed it and am glad that the Lord has been nudging me to get back into His Word.  Right now I am doing a devotional called “Grace Warrior” by Melissa Kirk.  Can you see the theme…GRACE – God is showing me His grace and mercy and how I can use Grace & Mercy in my daily life.  FYI Melissa did not pay me anything to share this – it really is a study that I am enjoying.  If you want, check it out, if not, that’s okay too 🙂

We are enjoying being closer to our friends and family.  We see Brandon, Danalyn and the boys about once a month, sometimes twice depending on what’s going on with them and us.  We try to get to Blaine/Ferndale at least once every couple of months to see Jamie, Suzanne and our precious granddaughter as well as our many friends.  And as usual we are loving being able to go for rides and check out the area where we now making our home.  Last weekend we found a great little dairy that sells cheese, a sweet winery and some nice parks that we can’t wait to visit more often when the weather warms up.  Ron has been able to go to a Trailblazers game with Brandon and is planning another one soon.  

In closing I would like to ask for special prayer for our Aunt Erma and Uncle Rex.  Aunt Erma is dealing with Stage 4 cancer and needs our powerful prayers to lift up her needs: to not be in pain and for peace in however God chooses to handle this.  Uncle Rex is still having breathing issues ~ we are thankful his son/daughter are able to be nearby to help them out.

Love you all and I will be back soon.!!!