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Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand

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It is after 1 AM and I can’t seem to shut my brain off, so here I am just going to purge from the inside out.  Sometimes I just don’t understand.  I don’t understand why people have to be passive~aggressive instead of just saying what they are feeling or thinking.
Sometimes I just don’t understand how people can’t be an adult in a situation but has to act like 7th grade girls in middle school or a 4 year old who takes her Barbie’s and goes home because she doesn’t like what was said.
Sometimes I just don’t understand life in general.
Sometimes I just don’t understand.
Sometimes I just don’t understand what makes people tick.  Sometimes I just don’t understand why adults can’t be adults.  And sometimes I don’t understand how one day you say you are my friend, you will always be there and then you disappear.  What happened to being adults and talking about things?  Sometimes I just don’t understand.
I just need to say 
Right now I just want to yell
“I can’t be the nice person anymore.  I can’t be the strong one anymore.  I can’t just let others use me and then toss me at their convenience.  Sometimes I just don’t understand.
And to those who are wondering “what the heck is going on?”
I am okay.  
I am tired.
I am concerned about stuff in my life.
Sometimes I just don’t understand.
And I know some of you reading this are probably thinking
“oh no, there she goes down that slippery slope!”
No, I am not going down any slippery slopes
I just need to voice 
Sometimes I just don’t understand.
And for tonight
not understanding things
is just the way it is.
And through it all
I know this to be true!!!

One response to “Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand”

  1. I finally learned that I will never understand other people. As that song goes through my head…\”God is great, beer is good, people are crazy.\” It's not about understanding others…it's about understanding yourself. I know…I know you say but, but what about? Nope, it's about knowing, loving and taking care of the most precious person you know…yourself. You can't change others and you will never understand them so stop wasting your precious moments on trying to understand them! Good luck, I know since I have been there done that and never plan to return.

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