Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Rambling and Hobbling

Can’t believe it is Friday, 
last time I checked it was Tuesday
but alas some things have been happening
This is what I did on Tuesday
Walked back into the rig after visiting with a friend
and found the corner of the bence by the stairs.   
My friend Norma asked me if I gave praises when this happened?
My reply “Umm, No it was more like dancing/jumping in the spirit” 🙂
This was two days later…spoke to the doctor and he said wrap the two toes together
 and stay off of it as much as possible till Monday morning. 
And this new bruise showed up this morning.
It is warm to the touch and very hard in the center.
Not sure if I hit this part of my leg when I 
hit the toes.  Now watching it as well.
So I have been pretty horizontal since Tuesday.
I did get up this morning and straightened up the bedroom
and the bathroom and then hobbled to the couch.
I have been working on paperwork,
financials and correspondence for GUMI Camp USA.
And enjoying these great pictures:
Brandon and the boys riding in the gondola over Niagara Falls.
Love the boys, would like to see the inside of that house 🙂
Treyson and Daddy 🙂
And as they say Like Grandpa, Like Grandson
Definitely takes after his Grandpa Ron 🙂
Swimming with Daddy in Michigan

Christopher, our little fish 🙂

Alex with his new favorite car; 
Grandpa wants to know if they can go for a ride together.

Building Lego’s with Boys
and as Brandon and Jamie like to say
“they are never too old to play with lego’s.”

And that brings us to Friday!
More to come, just don’t know when 🙂

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