Just Rambling…

First off, starting with a picture of the three youngest grands
Enjoying Fireworks from their hotel in Niagara Falls
Christopher, age 7, Alexander, age 2 and Treyson, age 4
Where to start?  What to say??
Ron and I could really use your prayers.  
Some things have gone on that are out of our control
 and we are having to be quiet and wait on the Lord.  
Let me assure y’all we are both fine health wise, 
our children and grandchildren are fine too
so we do not want to alarm you.
I don’t know what else to say.

2 responses to “Just Rambling…”

  1. I'm singing to You : \”I cast all of my cares upon You, I cast all of my burdens down at Your feet and anytime I don't know, what to do, I cast all of my cares upon You\”. I'm praying Ali

  2. You cannot just put it in God's hands and do nothing…there are times you MUST do something then something else and so on until you feel it is right. We do not always hear or feel what we want but by trying different things until you finally learn how to hear your true calling is the only way to it! Do not sit and wait for that answer you think it might be because most of the time it is an entirely different direction you need to go! Good luck and listen to your heart/gut…God speaks through it!

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