Loving the Sunshine!

Loving the Sunshine!
The weather has been great the last couple of days and should be just as nice through the weekend and most of next week. And that is wonderful.
After a week of computer & internet issues plaguing us for over 2 weeks, Monday morning found me at Staples turning in what I thought was a new laptop because over the weekend we found out it had been sold to someone else first…ummm that is not okay.  After a couple of phone calls and two hours later I had an appointment at Staples for Tuesday morning to get a NEW laptop.
Tuesday morning I spent almost two hours at Staples and walked out with a brand new laptop,  all the paperwork (which was not in the one I brought home last Friday) and happy that Staples did the right thing.  After making a couple of stops and having lunch with a friend it was time to get to back to work on the Grand Opening for GUMI Camp USA.
It is fast approaching and there is much to be done.  The Grand Opening is Memorial Day Weekend, May 23 ~ 25.  Tuesday the power was put in and turned on at the front of the property!! 

The guys arrive from White River Electric!
 And a tree was in the way ~ no problem, let’s just tate it out 🙂
 A little more work and it all comes together!
 Now we are in business!

This week calls have been made to caterers, to local businesses seeking donations for our Silent Auction and confirming Branson & Nashville entertainers for our two nights of music.  Things are definitely hopping here in Cedarcreek.
While working on stuff for GUMI Camp we have also been busy with regular life stuff…getting the new laptop set up, doing laundry ~ oh how I miss having my own washer/dryer but on the other hand it is great to have all the laundry done in just about 2 hours!!!
Being there for friends through prayer as they deal with the death of a loved one, medical and family issues and seeking the Lord in our own daily walk through life.
 gal-6-22.gif (380×162)

One of the devotions that really spoke to me was “God won’t send us where he is unable to sustain us!  What a glorious Lord!  He who daily bears our burdens also gives us our salvation.  Psalm 68:19.  Powerful and encouraging words for sure.
94960c411a3b178b7aeaebd664acc4ad.jpg (480×499)

Today was a first for me…I actually got outside and did some weed eating!!! 
I enjoy being outside, I love beautiful gardens BUT I am not one who likes to work outside and get dirty.  But things are a changing. 

I spent an hour weed eating.  

When I got done I was hot and sweaty, my lower arms felt like Jello and I felt I was covered in dirt and bugs.  But most of all I was pleased with how things were looking…the area I weeded is where we are moving the motor home!!! 

And I am excited about that.  
After I weeded Ron used the brush cutter to clean out a bit more of the area…and now it is ready for us to move the motor home to its new home on Saturday.  

Of course more pictures to come!!

Hope you have had a great week!!
And if the sun is shinging where you are
get out and enjoy it!!!

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