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Stuck in the Mud

It seems like every day there is something,
something going on.
The last few days it has been 
snowing, freezing, raining,
sun shiny
and snowing some more.
Which leads to a 
not once, not twice but three times.
And this is what we did today
We drove down the power line road
to get to where we could hook on the rope
to get the post hole digger unstuck.
This is the road we need to get down
Looking at Ron in the rear-view mirror working on the 
rope to hook it up to the truck.

We made it about halfway down the road,
the post hole digger was coming along but then 

We got the truck stuck, couldn’t go forward,
couldn’t go backward

And mud was flying every where
And after using the come along
Ron decided to hook it up to the power pole
and not the tree

About this time he decided to walk back to the 
barn and get the tractor BUT
the tractor would not start
so he walked back to the stuck truck
and Winnie came along

And by then the ground was so mushy
that we decided to call it a day.
So we walked to the end of the road
and out this drive way
past the Admin Building and the Guard Shack

The snow is sure pretty

And this is looking back at the Guard Shack with the
Admin Building behind it.
And I started walking down the road towards the 
mailbox and the first gate.

This is the first entrance gate

And this is the driveway back to the motor home

The snow is plentiful
and the mud is well muddy!

Walking past the water trough for the cows.
No ice on it today!!!

And back to the motor home
Winnie came back.
She has been hanging out by the motor home
though I think its because 
I have been feeding her treats every other day or so.
And that is how we spent most of the day today.
The sunshine was glorious,
it was nice and warm in the sun
and freezing in the shade.
And tomorrow is a new day.
And Pastor Isaac is coming over
about 7 AM to help us get 
the truck and post hole digger
Stay tuned for more adventures
with Ron & Ali
we keep
putting our

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