What a Week It Has Been!

Whew!  So glad this week is almost over.
It has been stressful and even frustrating at times.
Just like life has it highs & lows
so has my blood sugar
which can be scary and frustrating at the same time.
Image result for highs & lows blood sugar
Thankfully the 4x it happened to me this week
I was in a place to remedy it quickly.
Hopefully the highs & lows are done for now. 
I sure hope so.
Sunday we were up and out the door for 
Sunday School and Church.
We are so blessed to be involved in a church where the Bible is preached,
hugs are given freely and people really care about you
and what is going on with your life.
As I told Pastor Charles in an email, we feel so at home
at Open Door Community Church, as if God planted us 
right here to minister and serve others and 
to be loved.  Something we have missed the last three years 
while we working at Branson View Campground.
And we give thanks to Jesus for planting the seed from the first
time we drove past the little church that it looked like just the
church for us.  
The weather was nice on Sunday so after the service we went for a drive.
It was sunny and warm so we had the windows down.  
We found another access to the lake where we can go for picnics
and enjoy the beauty of Bull Shoals Lake.
Monday was a busy, busy day…
Ali had Forever Friends, what a joy to sit with other
Christian women who love the Lord, 
hearing how the Lord is moving in lives.
And then it was time for me to get a hair cut.  
I am loving my new style and the ease to fix it.
Wash, Scrunch & Go!
I called Ron to see if he needed anything before I headed home,
yep, a new coffee maker
which led to the Coffee Pot Saga.
Between Monday and Wednesday we purchased three coffee makers,
returned two ~
First up,
Image result for keurig 2.0
umm, not so good as it ONLY uses Keurig brand k-cups,
well for us Keurig K-cups are just too expensive
so we returned it to the store.
Next up
Image result for hamilton beach coffee maker
by Hamilton Beach
We liked this one because you could make both individual cups 
and a carafe of coffee…well it was a good idea
except you can only put in water for a single cup or a carafe
which meant that each and every time  you want to make a cup of coffee
you are filling the reservoir.
Umm, why have a reservoir that can hold enough water for two carafes
but you can’t use it if you fill it that full.
Back to the store we went,
remember it is 45 miles one way to Branson, 
it is not just a quick trip there and back
we NEEDED a coffee maker
and this is what we got
Image result for black & decker coffee maker
Black & Decker to the rescue
with a regular coffee maker!
And we are enjoying it.  
And that is a good thing.
But alas, I have jumped to Wednesday night
so back to Monday…
…we had our final meeting with the Planning Commission
for the vote of approval for 
This was the third meeting and the final vote for approval.
Our public hearing went well, there weren’t any negative comments 
directed at us so we thought the vote would come off without a hitch.
UMMM…not exactly.
A couple of the commissioners had a few questions
and then it came time for a vote.
Ron and Angela were up front,
I was sitting on the bench praying for favor.
The vote came down to 4 to 2,
one of those dissenting was not a surprise
but the other one WAS!!
This guy had not asked a single question,
not raised any concerns
BUT voted no to the project.
I was holding my breath
when the man sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder
and said, don’t worry, you got the 2/3 of the vote which you needed.
There seemed to be some confusion but in the end 
we were given the go ahead and I let out a long deep breath,
I hadn’t realized I was holding it for so long.
And since Monday night it has bugged me, a lot,
that someone would vote no without saying one word
once again, 
God is Good 
and this morning gave me this:
“Don’t worry about opposition.  Remember, a kite rises against the wind, not with the wind.” 
by Hamilton Wright Mabie
and confirmed it with 
Image result for Hebrews 12 1-2
And so we move forward.
Phone calls are being made,
emails are coming and going,
plans are being formulated,
floor-plans for different cabins are being looked at
well drillers are being contacted
and the excitement is building.
We are so excited for our 
Grand Opening Weekend
May 23 – 25.
Stay tuned for more details and check out our 
So after multiple trips to Branson
over a four day period
Thursday we stayed home.
It felt good
and now we get ready for another busy
weekend and week.
If you think about us, please pray for wisdom
and stamina as we move forward in life,
in our work
and our relationships with those we
come into contact with.
Have a blessed day
and if you have something 
you would like us to pray for,
please drop us a note or 
leave a comment.
and I leave you with this thought
Image result for be a blessing to others

Stuck NO More!!!

Thank you Pastor Isaac for 
coming over this morning
bright and early
while the ground was 
still frozen
to help 
get the
Post Hole Digger
out of the mud!!!
And then visiting with us over
a couple cups of steaming hot coffee.
Your help was greatly appreciated
Ron and I give thanks that 
the truck & post hole digger
are out of the muck and mud!!!
Now off to go unplug a stopped up
garbage disposal and sink!!!
And yes,
Image result for never a dull moment
Image result for never a dull moment
Stay tuned for more with 
Ali & Ron
The Wandering Workentins
though right now we are not wandering far
but we are
Image result for enjoying life

Stuck in the Mud

It seems like every day there is something,
something going on.
The last few days it has been 
snowing, freezing, raining,
sun shiny
and snowing some more.
Which leads to a 
not once, not twice but three times.
And this is what we did today
We drove down the power line road
to get to where we could hook on the rope
to get the post hole digger unstuck.
This is the road we need to get down
Looking at Ron in the rear-view mirror working on the 
rope to hook it up to the truck.

We made it about halfway down the road,
the post hole digger was coming along but then 

We got the truck stuck, couldn’t go forward,
couldn’t go backward

And mud was flying every where
And after using the come along
Ron decided to hook it up to the power pole
and not the tree

About this time he decided to walk back to the 
barn and get the tractor BUT
the tractor would not start
so he walked back to the stuck truck
and Winnie came along

And by then the ground was so mushy
that we decided to call it a day.
So we walked to the end of the road
and out this drive way
past the Admin Building and the Guard Shack

The snow is sure pretty

And this is looking back at the Guard Shack with the
Admin Building behind it.
And I started walking down the road towards the 
mailbox and the first gate.

This is the first entrance gate

And this is the driveway back to the motor home

The snow is plentiful
and the mud is well muddy!

Walking past the water trough for the cows.
No ice on it today!!!

And back to the motor home
Winnie came back.
She has been hanging out by the motor home
though I think its because 
I have been feeding her treats every other day or so.
And that is how we spent most of the day today.
The sunshine was glorious,
it was nice and warm in the sun
and freezing in the shade.
And tomorrow is a new day.
And Pastor Isaac is coming over
about 7 AM to help us get 
the truck and post hole digger
Stay tuned for more adventures
with Ron & Ali
we keep
putting our