Sometimes Trusting is HARD To Do…

…and right now is one of those times.
And, if you have read my most recent post under
Ali’s Thoughts & Ramblings
you can imagine my first thought
was to get something to eat
so I grabbed a
Image result for banana
and enjoyed it!!!
As Ron was driving into Branson this morning
for my appointment with Dr. Steve the 
decided to stop,
just STOP!!!
The good thing it happened right in front of the 
auto repair shop.
So Ron got the Jeep into the parking lot.
Talked to a mechanic, who thankfully
gave Ron a ride into Branson to meet me at the clinic.
At that time, the mechanic thought it might be moisture in the gas.
If that was what was wrong it would be between $300 & $500 to repair it.
So Ron joined me at the clinic,
then dropped me back off at Norma’s
(by the way she is doing okay, gets tired very easily
and is a great patient)
Ron made a few stops before returning to the auto repair shop
to find out the engine is 
Yep, dead in the water!
And all I wanted to do was 
Image result for baby girl crying
but when you are sitting in a friends living room
it is just not becoming to throw a temper tantrum.
The good thing is
we have a car which was a gift from some sweet friends last October.
And it is running good, even while having over 350,000 + miles
and for that we give thanks.
Now we have to decide what to do?
Is a 1990 Jeep Wrangler worth putting in 
a $2500 + engine and repairs
and who knows what we will find
Or do we junk it?
And who wants a Jeep that doesn’t run?
So I ate my banana, 
said a few little prayers to the Lord,
talked to Ron,
he is going to do some checking on the price of a new engine,
talk to a friend who might be interested in it,
we may just tow it back out to GUMI 
and just take care of the things we need to take care of
such as work meetings, 
making work phone calls,
planning to go see the eye doctor on Wednesday
and give us time to pray
and see if the Lord leads us to a decision
or leads someone to us with a suggestion.
So if you think about me tonight,
I would appreciate a prayer
that I don’t go on a binge eating frenzy
and instead just enjoy
my evening with Norma.

2 responses to “Sometimes Trusting is HARD To Do…”

  1. We will be right alongside you in prayer. So thankful for you and Ron.Love,Jim and Mei

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