It’s Been Mighty Cold!!!

Over the past week we have had cold, very cold
temperatures…yesterday morning we woke to 5′
Here are some pictures of the last few days
Valentine’s Weekend found us in Branson
We stayed at the Branson Hilton Convention Center
(won a free night stay last December at the Branson Chamber event 
held at Silver Dollar City)
and had dinner at Level 2 Steak House.  
Probably the fanciest restaurant we have ever eaten in.
The food was good. But very EXPENSIVE.
We had a $100 gift card and we thought that would be plenty for the two of us to have dinner,
Never eaten at a fancy restaurant before where every item is separately priced.
And the prices are way more than we would ever pay to go out to eat.
But we were there, we had the $100 so we ordered.
 Pictured below is my crab salad. $9.95 to the left and their picture to the right.  
Mine was quite a bit smaller, at least the amount of crab.
Below is the Petit Filet Mignon for me…it sure looked pretty lonely all by itself on the plate.
Image result for petite filet mignon
And Ron had the rib eye for $36, didn’t get a picture of his.
And for $18.95 he got a three sides dish with asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes and egg noodles with cheese sauce.
And we both had water to drink.
As they say there is a first time for everything.  
We were quite shocked that you had to pay extra for a side, 
you would think that a steak would come with a baked potato.
The meal was good, glad we went but we know we won’t be back…way too pricey for us.
And then we went to see
which is always a lot of fun.
The best part of the evening was hearing/seeing New South
singing How Great Thou Art
and they had a standing ovation!!!  
Can’t wait till we can go and see their Gospel Show!!!
Sunday we went to Chateau on the Lake
for the Home Show
made a lot of connections for projects 
out here at GUMI Camp USA
And then we came back home to get ready for the snow storm
This is what we woke up to 
Monday morning
Made a big pot of ham, rice & beans for dinner 
and Tuesday morning

So for lunch I made
Aunt Joan’s Pancake
(a Dutch pancake made in the oven in a cast iron skillet)
It is a little brown on top because of the cinnamon I sprinkled on it before baking) 

And we were running out of water
to do the most basic things
…you know like flushing the toilet  
So Ron got to work
and gathered some ice,
and we had lots of it
And so pieces from the 5 gallon bucket got heated on the stove.
And then the water went back into the bucket

And so we keep 
plugging along
and through it all
we got this great picture
of our son,
Thanks Jamie for wearing the GUMI Camp USA
Doesn’t he look smashing!
Can’t wait to see him in May
at the Grand Opening of 
Have a great day!!!
And pray we get some sunshine and warmer temps!!!

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