Moved and Settled Once Again

Yesterday morning I left and headed into Branson
for the day and to spend the night 
with a friend
and hoping and praying that Ron could get the
leaning motor home moved and leveled.
Ran all my errands,
went to 
 and had a great meeting,
lots of sharing and time spent in prayer.
Then ran some errands,
made reservations for the 
Grand Jubilee
for Saturday,
Valentine’s Day 
and then went to a 
friends’ home for our
Ladies Fun Night
and to do some laundry.
After a fun evening and great food
called it a night and went to bed.
Woke up to beautiful sunshine
streaming in thru the upper windows
sort of like this one
Image result for square and oval window
the sun streamed in through the half circle 
part of the window…the rectangle part had shades.
And after a stop at Wal-mart I headed out to
and see my hubby.
And this is what I found
Our home on wheels had a new home.
The motor home had been right here yesterday, 
the back of the rig towards the
A-Frame and between the 
port-a-potty and the cabin.
And I felt sort of closed in
with the row of trees
along the side of the motor home.
And here is our home on wheels again.
I love the openness
and it is level.
No more leaning to the left.
Thank you Ron for moving
and getting our home all set up.
and making it level!!!
Now time to get ready 
to get busy with 
GUMI Camp USA!!!

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