Just Flying By!


and to let you know that I will be working on my blog
and changing things up a bit.
I will be adding Pages 
Specific Things
Here are a few of them:
Home ~ What’s going on with us at any given moment in time!
Us ~ Who we are
Places We Have Worked ~ snippets about the many jobs we have had and where they have been!
Crafts by Ali ~ check it out and if you see something you like, give me a shout and let’s see if we can make a deal!
Ali’s Thoughts ~ posts about things I have been reading, studying, learning
GUMI Camp USA ~ where we are currently at and what’s going on there!
And who knows what else…you will just have to stay tuned to see what’s up!
And like I say, a post should never go without a picture
and preferably one of our grands…
…this one is more of what Treyson was doing!!
This baby doll is one that Ron bought for me many years ago when we were 
in Leavenworth, WA…I always wanted a black baby and he got me one 🙂
I ended up giving this baby to Brandon and his family
and the other evening
Treyson, age 3, decided she needed to be covered up
and protected!!!
If you look in the mirror you get a small glimpse of Brandon!!!

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