We Finally Arrived at

Woke this morning to beautiful sunshine
and cold weather…like 16′ outside.
And we readied the motor home 
inside and out, did two loads of clothes,
Posted this on Facebook about  10:30 this morning:  
Feeling a bit anxious while doing the final stuff to get on the road
..laundry, stowing etc…and so I opened my devotional and this is what it had to say:
Prayer is the mortar that holds our house together.
There had never been such a day before, there has never been another since, 
when the Lord stopped the sun and moon ~ 
all because of the prayer of one man! Joshua 10:14
So I ask in Jesus name…
calm my anxiety, give me peace as I do the things I need to do 
and trust in You to bring all things good to the glory of your name. Amen.
and then I gathered my plants from the office at BVC
and then got ready to head out.
Gave thanks that the motor home started right up
the motor home wouldn’t go,
nope, wasn’t moving an inch,
Ron and I chatted..asking now what??
I said “I Quit!
and got in the Explorer
(remember it was below freezing out there)
and opened my hands and said 
“Lord, I take my hands off of it”
yes I shouldn’t have said I quit
but one can only handle so much frustration.
And while I was sitting there,
Ron started moving in the motor home.
I started crying and said “thank you Jesus”
and followed him.
Called him on the phone when he got to the exit
and said Stop…you are dragging something.
I got out and checked, the cord to plug in the lights to 
our tow vehicle was dragging on the ground.
I wrapped it around the tow bar
and off we went!!!
We both realized the transmission fluid had to warm up to 
get moving so the motor home would move…duh!
Left the campground at 11:08 this morning
and pulled into the driveway at
at 12:43…had to drive a bit
slower as the motor home does not like hills,
never has and probably never will.
This is where we want to back the motor home in…
the building is our little A-frame barn.
This is the first stop of the motor home,
not good,   Ron pulled in and then started backing up
but with muddy, soft ground 
things did not go well.
So we did what any American couple 
would do, we jumped in our Explorer
and drove into Cedar Creek (4 miles)
and ate pizza for lunch
and got to chat with some new friends,
bought some transmission fluid
because Ron thought it might be low 
and maybe that was why it would not go into reverse.
We came back to GUMI
ran the rig, added transmission fluid
voila, it started to move
right next to the tractor
jump the tractor to get it out of the way
so thankful for the sunshine!
Okie dokie – got the tractor moved, 
the jeep moved 
and the truck out of the way.
and immediately got stuck
so we put down some boards,
got said motor home on the boards
and stuck again
so out comes the trusty truck
(Thank you Tim for having it here 🙂 )
and if you look real close 
out the side window you can see how close the truck got to the cabin
and yes, I Ali, was driving the truck forward and
pulling the motor home
up closer to where it needed to be.
Doesn’t that look fun…NOT!
And then we got it in place,
well at least for the night.
Ron drove the truck out
and I opened the door to the motor home
well things look like they survived the ride 
from Branson to Cedar Creek
Well not everything….
my side of the bed
and Ron’s side of the bed
And remember how close we were to the corner of the cabin
not any more !!!
And Ron got the steps out and in place
And I got the coffee maker ready to go,
doesn’t my Christmas cactus look nice…
just have to find the right spot for it,
here we can’t open the k-cup drawer
And just putting a few things out
my plant from the ladies at Forever Friends on the corner
and my bamboo from Sherry & Curt Sevage
(it has to move too because I can’t get the plates out of the cupboard 😦 )
And that folks is how far we got today
We are at GUMI
thank you all for your prayers and ecnouragement
as we worked our way
and made our way out here.
Tomorrow the plan is to move the motor home
over about 4′ and back about 5′
and get her level!!!
And then the real work will begin
…fixing the cows fence
and planning
and building 
and getting 
ready for our grand opening 
Memorial Day Weekend.
Stay tuned!!
for our journey we call
And remember
there is never a dull moment when we are around!!!

One response to “We Finally Arrived at”

  1. Well, at least you are there and Ron doesn't have to make that 100 mile round trip any longer. Getting stuck is easy to do. Our motorhome got stuck at the Puyallup Fairgrounds when we were there the first weekend in December. Now we know not to park on the north side of the Orange Lot. We had to call our Good Sam Emergency Service, but in the meantime, some Good Samaritans who had a tow truck and were staying in the park pulled us out. We were very grateful to them! I'll be praying for you, Ali and Ron!

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