A New Day, A New Week

Well we made it through the weekend, 
faced some surprises
but through it all
we keep smiling and trusting God.
And He hasn’t failed us yet.
January 10th Devotion
Trials are not enemies of faith but are
opportunities to prove God’s faithfulness.
Trust the Lord and sincerely worship him;
think of all the tremendous things he has done for you.  I Sam 12:24
January 11th Devotion
I find that doing the will of God leaves me no time
for disputing about His plans.
I am so thankful for the encouragement that
God has sent my way over the past week…
…it amazes me every day how He meets me right where I am.
Today was no different.
Our plan included Ron heading out to GUMI
to feed the animals early this morning but the weather
was super cold and icy roads were being talked about on the news.
Ron woke me up about 7:45 to say he wasn’t going out 
till after the mechanic came at noon.
Guess what, Nick, the mechanic called and said he would be here about 9:30
…good thing Ron wasn’t out at GUMI
Being Monday it was time for 
So off I went to pick up Norma
and head to Golden Corral.
We were a small group again,
just 5 of us,
but what a great time we had
sharing about the Lord working in our lives,
sharing prayer requests,
encouraging one another
and most importantly praying for each other.
When I got back to the rig
Nick was gone,
the motor home is fixed
and yet Ron was a bit concerned…
the amount of money to fix the motor home
was more than what we had on hand.
I said “It’s okay.”
and I handed him a check that was given to me
and it was just what we needed to cover the 
unexpected cost of a part for the motor home…
thank you sweet friend
for blessing us unexpectedly
and so wonderfully.
And with a smile on his face,
Ron headed to the bank and GUMI.
And my devotion for today ~
Timely good deeds are nicer than afterthoughts.
The smallest good deed is better than the  intention
You are probably 
wondering what are plans are now…
well tonight we hope to get a good nights sleep
in the morning,
empty the tanks,
fill the holding tank,
pull up our jacks
and head out to 
in Cedar Creek, MO
Thanks for following along on our
…stay tuned to see what happens next!!

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