Watching the Seahawks, Trying to find my Web Camera and plodding along

It’s time for some
We are sitting in the Activity Room
watching the football game.
Sure hope this games turns out better than the
maybe next year Ravens!!!
And trying to Skype with our son Brandon and his family
but something happened to my 
WEB Camera 
on my laptop.
Who knows what happened to it???
I think I will need to call my computer guy, Larry,
next week to see if he can find it.  
I miss not being able to Skype with
my grands!!!
the motor home you ask,
Well yesterday, Friday, Ron talked to Nicholas,
the Mobile RV guy,
he was going to be here today,
Saturday, about noon.
but this morning
Ron got a call…
Nicholas was having issues with his heater
so he is now coming on 
Monday, January 12th
and should be here about noon.
And so we continue 
moving one foot in front of the other,
not moving the wheels on the bus motor home
but being reminded by God as I shared this morning on Facebook
And a new day is off and running…not going as we planned but going just as the Lord has it all figured out. This was the little devotional for this morning: Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove God’s faithfulness. And the prayer was 
“Trust the Lord and sincerely worship Him; think of all the tremendous things he has done for you.’ 1 Samuel 12:24 TLB

This was great for me, as many of you know we are trying to move out to GUMI CAMP USA where are new adventure is waiting for us…but alas this past week has been one thing after another and even today…got a call from the mechanic saying he was having heat issues of his own so would not be able to be out here till Monday to work on the thermostat ~ we think that is the final issue…but who knows. As I have been saying over and over…Our God is an AWESOME God and meets us right where we are!!! Blessings to each of you today as you face opportunities to praise our wonderful Lord.
and you know what
it has been a great day
I was able to get all the Taxes done for BVC,
now just need to meet with the accountant 
and then we can send those off.
Went grocery shopping and got some good deals.
Had dinner out thanks to Jason & Liz who gave us a gift card to Chili’s
and an evening watching football with my sweetie
and talking with Brandon & Danalyn
and the little boys.
It was great to hear of his promotion
and the offer to go to some training’s on their $$,
to hear how the Lord made it possible for them to get another car
and hear about their 
for the future…excited to hear excitement in their voices.

And through it all
feeling such peace and calmness 
in my heart and my life.

Tomorrow is a new day
and I am excited to see
how it goes…
…always remembering
God is Good All the Time…All the Time God is Good!!!

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