I Peter 5:7

Dear Lord
Your WORD tells us to cast all of our anxiety onto you,
that you are strong enough,
big enough 
and more than capable to handle all of stuff.
Lord, this morning I had a good time with you, 
I felt encouraged
and that You are in control
and that it is YOUR timing 
not mine
So Lord I am coming to you right now,
this very minute
11:25 a.m.
first I am asking for 
for both Ron and I…we are at a loss
regarding our motor home.
Ron has found out the thermostat is bad,
he is calling Bob, our mechanic, to see if he can fix it
and if not then he will call Rex.
Lord you know our financial situation
that we have spent what we had in savings to fix the 
two leaks, buy the antifreeze and
then fix the power issue in the motor home
as well as pay for propane so we could stay warm.
So Lord, I am asking you,
to please give us peace and calmness,
and somehow have the right person
be able to help fix the motor home
so we can get out to GUMI
where we believe you have opened doors for us
to serve You and others.
Now Lord, I am going to go back to working
on the reports for Branson View Campground
and doing laundry and continue
on with my day…and each time the Devil starts to
jump into my thoughts I am going to say
“Devil get outa here, God is in control and He will handle this.”

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