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Boy it’s Early

I woke up at 3:09 this morning and laid in bed till 4:19
and decided if I was awake I might as well get up
and start my day.
I began with reading the devotional for today out of the 
I know I say it A LOT – but God always meets me right where I am.
This morning is no different
The theme for January is GRACE
Today’s scripture is found in 
Job 40:1-5
Job demonstrates restraint by putting his hand over his mouth ~
this is a reminder to me to stop looking for fault but to 
look for good things to say.
Yes, things need to be done correctly and mistakes will be made
and yes they need to be mentioned and corrected
but the words need to come out of my mouth in a pleasant tone
and not sharp or condescending.
Lord, help me to speak love not negativity,
help me to lift up and not tear down.  Amen.
I have been looking for a devotional/study book for this year
and I found one tucked away on my bookshelf, not sure when I bought it 
but I know I have carried it in the motor home for awhile.
There are 62 topics on spiritual discipline
and as I read through the first few pages of the introduction
I marked seven…
1.  Control the Tongue
2.  Humility
3.  Practicing the Presence
4.  Prayer of Recollection
5.  Self-care
6.  Slowing
7.  Unplugging
My first idea, you know I have to have a plan :), was to do one topic a week
but God reminded me I need to do things on His schedule not mine.
So I decided “Control the Tongue” went right along with the scripture from Job
and I sort of chuckled as I just know that God is looking at me and 
laughing…silly girl…my timing not hers.
As I continued reading in the introduction
was quoted…Jesus tells us to come to him, follow him,
walk and work with him and he will guide us.
I want to “keep company” with Jesus ~
in relationships if we want it to grow we keep company with that person,
spend time with each other, 
not rush through a cup of coffee but to drink it slowly
and share about our lives with each other…
…and that is where and how I need to be in relationship with Jesus…
…keep company with Him,
not rush but to savor my time with Him.
And so today I move slowly through the introduction,
not rushing
and the question is asked by Jesus
And He asks over and over in
Matthew 20:21
Mark 10: 36, 51
John 5:6
So instead of just racing through the book
I want to Keep Company with Jesus,
seeking what God wants me to focus on
and praying, reading and writing.
What do I want?? Jesus asks.
I want to be the princess of the king,
the best wife, mother and grandmother I can be, 
to be loving and kind, an encouragement to others,
to enjoy each moment of every day 
and not rush through things just to get them done,
just to check them off my To Do List (I love lists)
and I want to be an example of Christ’s love
with all I come into contact with.
And if Jesus thinks I need to get up at 3 a.m. every morning
to have uninterrupted, unrushed time with Him
then so be it.
My prayer today is for me to 
be present in the moment,
speak in love
and cast all my anxiety upon Him!!  1 Peter 5:7
Our plans for the day
~ Ron fix the air bubble in the coolant line
~ Ali work on taxes at Branson View Campground
~ Go out to GUMI to meet up with Tim & Angela
and maybe, move the motor home out there
and then tonight I am having dinner with some Forever Friends girlfriends
and play some Scrabble.
Ron will be fending for himself for dinner
so he will probably have something like this
 minus the lettuce & tomato
So my question to you today is 
What do you want?
And do you know what to do to get it??
Have a blessed day!
Talk to you soon.

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