Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Flexible is Not My Second Nature ~

Being Flexible 
is such a new thing to me
and so today 
I am patting myself on the back 
for not 
But just going with the flow
and making lemonade out of 
As most of you know we were supposed to move out to 
on Sunday
but due to black ice
we decided to stay put here at
Branson View Campground.
The weather has been crazy here in Branson
and so with a nice clear, sunny day we decided thatT
today would be a great day to move out to
The day for us started last night just before midnight
when we headed to bed and much to our 
surprise we found 
Well not water like this but 
squishy, spongy, bubbling water on both sides of our bed.
Yep, you guessed it we had a leak ~~~
so not fun at midnight on a cold night
but being the trooper that Ron is
we stripped the bed, put everything in the living room 
and leaned our mattress against the kitchen sink,
then Ron headed to the garage
and got the shop vac and proceeded to suck up the water 
from the floor and under our bed.
You see the water pump for our holding tank is under our bed
and the connector from the pump to the hose was not connected properly
so water bubbled out and oh the mess it made.
But Super Plumber Ron to the rescue, sucked up the water, fixed the pump
and had our bed all put back together by 1:45 am and we were back in bed 
at 2 AM…just a bump in the road right….
…well we had our plans for the day but things did not go as planned,
first had to address some paperwork issues,
talked with Darrell & Patty…so glad they stopped by to see us
did the laundry from the mess of the water pump leak…
readied the inside of the motor home,
removed the outside covers and tried to start the motor home.
The operative word is TRIED to start the motor home.
Dead battery!!!!
so we put the battery charger on,
jumped the motor home with the Jeep,
or should I say we tried to jump the motor home with the Jeep
So now it is close to 3 PM
we decide to go to Walmart to buy a batter,
as we were driving we decided it was going to be too late
and too dark to drive out to GUMI this afternoon
But no, we had a 
and decided it would be better to go out and feed the critters
then go to Walmart to buy the battery
and then go back to the motor home
and just start fresh in the morning.
We got out to GUMI and realized the
were back at the motor home.
so Ron watered the critters
and gave the cows some hay
and then we headed back to town and Walmart
Bought the new battery
and headed back to the motor home
and bam my head feels like its going to 
Once we got home
I took some ibuprofen
and heated up leftover
and about 45 minutes later I began to feel a little better.
All during the day I had been texting with friends 
about what was going on 
and I was reminded by Dee that
and that HE is in control
not little ole’ me!!!
And you know what, 
I am truly enjoying the quiet in the motor home,
the glow of a fire in our little fireplace
and enjoying being with my sweet hubby.
So when things don’t go quite the way you want them to go,
and even though we may never know why
things didn’t go as we had planned
we know it is going according to 
God’s Plan!!! 
Talk to y’all soon!!!

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