Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Happy New Year 2015!!!

Many have asked us where are we going and what are we doing in the New Year…

Well we are starting a new adventure.

As many of you know we have moved back into our motor home.
We have enjoyed it and like the being so cozy
well except when we do the 

happens when one of us is in the kitchen
and the other is in the living room and thinks they need to go
to the bedroom…see the long skinny hallway
well sometimes we have to move one way
or the other 
so the other one can get by
but that’s okay….as we love doing the

We are enjoying our new couch,
rocking chair
our little fireplace
and just being together.

You are probably asking 
why move back into the motor home, 
you had a nice apartment at the campground…

Well because the Lord has opened doors for us to start a new adventure.

We are going to 
to work with Veterans!!!

One of our dreams/goals has been to eventually work
at a Christian Camp, serving the Lord 
and blessing others.
And who better to bless than our 

So, Sunday January 4th, 2015
we are leaving Branson View Campground
and heading to Cedar Creek, MO

We are moving to 258 acres
and getting the retreat/camp ready to welcome 
Memorial Day Weekend 2015!

Glad You Made It
is a place for 
Veterans and their families
to come and spend time in a safe place.

Veterans will be able to get help with PTSD
and they and their families can have a quiet place of healing.

Ron is going to be the Caretaker/Manager of the grounds
Ali is going to be the Assistant to the Administrator

Here are some things Ron will be taking care of

The road towards the Center

Guard shack on the left…and to the right of where Ron is standing is where the RV sites will be.
We will be parked there along with 3 to 5 other sites.  Some for Veterans and some
for Workampers.

Ron walking with  Winnie to go feed the girls!!

The girls munching on their grain

And Mittens (orange) and  Blackie

We will also have pigs, sheep & goats
and hopefully a nice garden

If you want to learn more about GUMICampUSA
then just send us a message or comment with your email address.

We will also have opportunities for those who want to get involved with GUMI 
by volunteering on the grounds doing construction, gardening, and reading the Center for occupancy.

We are looking forward to this new adventure
and to see how the Lord allows us to 
minister to others.

Happy New Year!!!!

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