Blessings of 2014!!!

Blessing of 2014

Able to take a 5 week vacation and go to Washington & Oregon 
to see our boys and their families!!!

Jamie & Suzanne getting ready for Opal’s 6th birthday
Maddie, Birthday Girl Opal and cousin Oliver
Happy 6th Birthday Sweetie


Treyson and Christopher

Treyson & Max with sweet Zella


Ron, Ali, Alex and Toko (exchange student from Japan)

Treyson and Danalyn
Ron, Brandon and Ali

and then it was time to .head back to Branson.
We took a week and our time getting back with stops in Colorado Springs,
Lava Hot Springs and just enjoying out time together
before starting a new season at Branson View Campground

We celebrated one year anniversary

July 4, 2014



Fall Colors beginning to change

Fun Potlucks & Concerts

And Santa stopped by!!!
We have been blessed beyond measure

lots of great friends

beautiful weather

a new to us 1996 Ford Explorer!!!

and the Love of the Lord
shared over and over with us

And giving thanks each and every day
for all the opportunities 
we have had  here in Branson, MO

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