And the saga continues…

And the saga continues…
I returned to Branson on 
Sunday, November 23rd
and hit the ground running.
and getting ready for Thanksgiving Day.
We had our annual
Thanksgiving Day Potluck (and me forgetting to take pictures 😦 ).
We were 12 people
with lots of food.
I made the bacon wrapped turkey…
…yummy and will definitely do another one
along with the usual:
green bean casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy,
dressing, cranberry salad ~ made with pineapple, 
cherry pie, lemon meringue pie and a pineapple cake.
We had lots of fun and great conversation.
I will try to remember to take pictures next time!!
And then Ron
got sick 😦
he has been sick since Friday afternoon
and is finally on the mend today, Thursday.
Inspite of Ron being sick,
work as continued here at the campground.
Do you remember the QuickBooks saga…well that continues
and this week has been working on Round 4
of the merge from Quicken to QuickBooks.
Let’s just say that by the time this merge is complete 
I will know QuickBooks inside and out!!!!
And the move to the motor home continues
and we really are making headway:
our bedroom, the bathroom, spare bedroom,
kitchen and dining room are all done!!!
What’s left is the living room, sun room and storage room
and we believe that will be finished by this weekend.
Well that is our plan anyway.
One of the projects that we have is to scan all our pictures
and because I had nothing else to do
I scanned 327 pictures in two days.
Here are a few of them,
because we all know,
a post I do without pictures
is just sad…
so hope you enjoy them!!!
Jamie, Ron, Alice, Brandon
sometime between 1998 – 2003

Ron buried by Jamie & Brandon surrounded by Ted & Wanda (Alice’s dad & girlfriend) ~ 1984

Brandon, 6 months, Grandpa George Lockwood (Alice’s grandpa) Alice, Jamie 3 yrs old, Aunt Joan (Alice’s aunt)
Summer 1980

Jamie, 7 yrs, Christi, 10 yrs, Brandon 4 yrs.

Jamie, Brandon, Peggy (Alice’s mom)
December 2000

That’s all folks.  
Stay tuned for another update this weekend sometime.

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