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Remembering our son, Royce

This past week has been a bag of mixed emotions.
We celebrate the birth of our son, Jamie
Shown w/daughter-in-love, Suzanne.
Who turned 37 on August 8…can’t believe he is that old already~I keep asking him how he can be that old, 
when I am so young!!!
And we think often or our son, Royce,
Jamie’s twin brother,
who died when he was 3 days old.
We have always made Jamie’s day his day
and then do something to celebrate & recognize
Royce on August 15th
(the day we laid him to rest).
This year we couldn’t do that until August 16th.
Sometimes I find a cemetery and find a little baby 
that has been buried there and leave a small balloon or flower arrangement
along with a card for the family.
And anytime we get to Las Vegas
we make a special trip to the cemetery
to see his marker.
So this year we let off balloons
(a tradition we have done for many years)
For Royce

For Royce from Brandon and his family.
For Royce from Jamie and his family


From Mommy & Daddy
And then we drove over to a little place along Lake Taney-Como
Walking down to the lake.

Such a quiet and peaceful place.
Letting them go, one by one,

Looking back towards the dam
Looking up the lake towards town
Admiring the sunflowers as we quietly
walked back to the Jeep.
There is always a talk of what our life would have 
been like if Royce had lived, asking the what if’s?
But we always come back to 
God is Good
He knows the plans He has for us
Knows what’s best for us.
We know that Royce has no pain,
no health issues,  or sadness
that he is being loved on by
all four of his grandparents
and safe in the arms of Jesus.
And we are truly thankful
for Jamie & Brandon,
two strong healthy young men
with sweet wives
they have given us 5 wonderful grandchildren.
Thank you Lord for the many blessings you have showered on us.
For those blessings here and now in our lives.
And reminding us that 
God is Good All the Time!!!

2 responses to “Remembering our son, Royce”

  1. I met you after Royce and Jamie were born, but I still remember carrying Jamie when we'd be together in the Netherlands. We went to a pond in Achterveld to look at the ducks, and I playfully acted like I was going to toss him in the water. He didn't believe I'd do it, but a passerby \”rescued\” him and admonished me. Sorry for the loss of Royce, but we still have Jamie. Don't forget.

  2. Thank you Mike…you have been a great friend and \”uncle\” to Jamie ~ we have very fond memories of our time together in Holland. Yes, we are sad about the loss of Royce AND we are so thankful for Jamie…he has become a wonderful young man, can't believe he is 37 already!!! as well as a great son, husband, brother and daddy. We cherish our memories of our time together with you and later Conny.

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