Oh What a Day!!!

Today has been one of those days I hope I don’t have a repeat of for a long, long time. 
 Had to totally upgrade and reload everything on my computer…no fun.
Had a meltdown when I couldn’t find the Quicken disc but my sweet hubby 
went on the search and found it…yep still in the bag from our trip to 
Oregon/Washington this past February/March ~UGH~
I think I am a bit behind on my filing, sorting
and anything and everything having to do with paperwork.
On the bright side
we sure had fun swimming with 
Miss Liberty!!!
So I now have my computer updated,
Quicken back where it belongs,
Everything backed up again!
And now it is time 
for this lady to go to bed!!!
Hope you had a great day!!!
Tomorrow is a new day
and I will start all over again.
How about you?

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