Oh My, Where has the time gone?

Wow, where has the time gone? I had been doing so good keeping up a blog post every day and then capooie..life happens.

We got busy around the campground, which is a great thing.
Last Sunday we celebrated Ron’s 59th birthday.
We had a potluck with lots of tasty dishes, making new friends and rekindling old friendships.  It was so nice to visit and learn about each others travels and lives.
In the middle of getting ready for the potluck got a call “that it was time!”  

Time for what you ask?  Time for Miss Lily to make an appearance.
So Liberty arrived about 1:45 on Sunday afternoon and helped us to get ready for the potluck and birthday celebration.  We kept her occupied as about every 20 minutes she would say “I miss Momma” and we would give her a hug and say “we know you do. Pretty soon Miss Lily will be here and you can talk to Momma.”  And about 4:45 Daddy called to speak to Liberty and she was out helping Papa Ron empty the garbage.  So when she got back into the office about 5:00 we called Momma & Daddy on Facetime and got to see Lily for the very first time…boy does that little girl make some noise.
Presenting Miss Lily Mae
Photo: Good morning everyone! I'm so excited, today I get to meet my big sister Liberty! She called me yesterday but I was only a hour or so old! Derrick Robinson
And this is her heading for home.
Photo: I'm home!!!!! Derrick Robinson
(by the way she did get buckled in first)
And while Momma, Daddy & Lily were at the hospital
we did Liberty’s favorite thing
Lily and the family arrived home Tuesday evening about 5 PM
This Grammy and Papa Ron were exhausted but it was a fun time with Liberty
and we are so thankful that Miss Lily arrived healthy and safely.
Other things ~~~
I got my new glasses yesterday…now trying to see if they work…
because having only one eye I  read out of my glasses differently than those with two eyes so adjusting to where I can read and holding my head is a challenge at times.
 Ron thinks its because of where the laptop sits and the distance…who the heck really knows.

We had yesterday and Monday off because Ronnie & Teresa are taking a weeks vacation. 

We have been planning to go to MN, leaving on 8/5, 
but that may not happen as the steering column in the Jeep literally broke  
they have put a temporary fix on it 
but now we have to recalculate our money to see if we have enough for the trip. 
Ugh..I hate money issues.

Well I had better get off here and get ready for work
supposed to open the office in nine minutes.
Good thing our commute is just a few steps from our bedroom
Hope each of you have a great day!!!

Oh What a Day!!!

Today has been one of those days I hope I don’t have a repeat of for a long, long time. 
 Had to totally upgrade and reload everything on my computer…no fun.
Had a meltdown when I couldn’t find the Quicken disc but my sweet hubby 
went on the search and found it…yep still in the bag from our trip to 
Oregon/Washington this past February/March ~UGH~
I think I am a bit behind on my filing, sorting
and anything and everything having to do with paperwork.
On the bright side
we sure had fun swimming with 
Miss Liberty!!!
So I now have my computer updated,
Quicken back where it belongs,
Everything backed up again!
And now it is time 
for this lady to go to bed!!!
Hope you had a great day!!!
Tomorrow is a new day
and I will start all over again.
How about you?

What the Heck?

Received an interesting phone all on
Thursday afternoon.
Seems someone has turned me in to 
here in Branson, MO.
Seems like July 31, 2014 
will find me in the MDA Jail
at Rocky’s Italian Restaurant
120 N Sycamore St, Branson, MO 65616(417) 335-4765
starting at 11:30 AM
till I am able to raise 
So far,
I have two questions for you:
1.  Do you know who turned me in?
The only clue I have is 
“She said Ali is sweet and has a big heart.”
Any ideas?
Make your suggestions in the comments.
2.  If you would like to donate to my 
just let me know in the comments
and I will get back to you!


24 hours makes a big difference
I am not so 
any more
I am totally 
I guess I need to 
It is so hard to reach out,
help someone
and then get
totally used
wonder why???
Why is it so hard for people to be honest?
Why is it easier to lie?
Why is it easier to hide the truth?
I wish I had the answer to those questions.
Now I have to 
remind myself
over and over
not everyone is a liar,
not everyone is deceitful,
just because three of the last four people
we have helped 
have disappointed me
doesn’t mean that everyone will.
I need to remember the good 
that has come from the one that truly
wanted to better themselves,
have made great positive choices
and moved forward.
Now I need to 
spend time with the Lord
and ask the Lord to 
forgive me for the anger and frustration 
from yesterday
and to realize and remember 
Now to look for the good!!!