Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!


Ugh…that is how I am feeling…
…I think the busyness of Christmas,
New Years, snow,
stressing out over things that really didn’t need stressing out about, snow, fighting getting a cold, did I mention snow and freezing temps, like really cold temps…yes we actually got down to -2*, felt like -17* and just plain doing too much…it finally caught up with me…
…the worst headache I have had in many years,
…congestion, tightness in the chest/back
…coughing, backache oh yeah, the headache from @#$%&*.
Yep I went to bed Wednesday evening about 9 PM and
crawled out of bed about 3 PM on Thursday
for about an hour…while I made some soup and ate said soup,
and found my bed, my pillows and blankets till 
7:20 AM this morning (Friday).
I am happy to say the headache is now about a 1-2 instead of 10+,
still have the tightness in my chest/back,
still coughing and feeling congested…
…I did get up and work for about 6 hours,
celebrating I got all the End of Month and Year reports done!!!
and now I am snuggled on the couch, 
finally checking emails…can you say over 600!!!
And that just overwhelmed me so I decided to 
write this very lame blog post.
And trying to get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed
so we can go on vacation in
29 days and 26 minutes.
Can’t wait to see our kids and grands!!!
And friends and family,
our family at Northwood Alliance Church.
Time to go lay down…
…I will write more later.

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