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The First Snowfall of 2014

We woke to SNOW this morning
These were taken about 7 AM out the office door of 
Branson View Campground
 Our motor home is under the light.  
The cabin is behind it.
Looking up the hill from the office.

And then about 8:00 this is what I found.
I just love that guy!!!
I am so thankful for a hubby who loves me and 
cares not only about me but all our guests as well.

Then about 11 AM we looked outside.
You can barely see where Ron had blown the snow.
But you can see where someone was able to get out of the campground.

And we thought you might like to see how big some of those snowflakes are.
Well I guess I should get off the computer.
Time to make some Apple Pancakes for brunch
and then start tackling my To Do List…
one of this weeks goals is to take down the Christmas decorations.
The house always feel so empty when everything is down
so I think I might leave some lights up inside.
What do you think?  Is that a good idea or not?

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