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I am so encouraged tonight.
Our home church is in the process of updating our picture directory.
I was asked to submit a new picture of us.
So I did.
This one was taken this past Sunday, December 1st
celebrating my birthday.
And is the one I sent to Bernadette.
She sent this one back to me.
It was taken March 21, 2010 the day we left Blaine to go work
for the carnival (check out the archives March 2010 to September 2010)

Wow…what a difference.
As many of you know I had a heart attack in August 2013
and was told to lose weight!!!
and exercise!!!!
I have lost a total of 24.4 lbs
and Ron has lost just about 30 lbs 
(he got a kick start working for Amazon 
otherwise known as the Amazon Fitness Center)
Wow is all I can say!!!
And I needed to see this
I have been slacking on my exercising 
but woke up early this morning
and gotten back on the bike
did 45 minutes, 9.87 miles, burned 437 calories.
Seeing this picture tonight
just encourages me to keep going.
I have 15.4 lbs to lose to reach my first goal.
I had set 1/1/14 as the day I wanted to reach that goal
Realistically with what I have been eating
and not exercising I know that is not possible
so my goal is to reach that by 2/1/14!!!  
I can do it!!!
With God’s help….I know if I pray at night to wake up early 
I do, just about 6 a.m. which is what I need to do to get my exercise
in first thing in the morning.
Would you pray with me that 
I wake up every morning between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m.
Stay tuned for the rest of the journey!!!

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