Do You Ever Hear a Little Voice?

I seem to have been in a fog lately, not the fog that has been hanging around outside each morning for the last week or so but more like just going through the motions and being way too busy for my own good.
The last three days though, a little voice has been whispering in my ear
“Umm…where am I in all this busyness?”
Tuesday while at Forever Friends I kept hearing “But God” over and over
and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  
We heard a wonderful testimony from Paula Hall of how God delivered her from a Meth addiction and being wrongly accused of murder.  If you are in the Branson area this weekend, she will be sharing her testimony at the worship service hosted by Barbara Fairchild at the Doug Gabriel Theater this coming Sunday morning, December 8th at 10 a.m.
And those two little words kept echoing in my head “But God.”
Yesterday I had an eye appointment in Springfield.
I was a bit worried going into it because my eye socket had been sore for the past few days and was very tender in the corner of the eye by my nose.  
After taking my eye out (for new readers I have an artificial eye) and checking the socket it was decided that the eye needed to be built up a bit more around the bottom, along the top and fill in a bit more of the back.  Ugh…that means walking around with an eye patch on 😦
The first thought was “Oh no, this is going to be a $200 visit.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it.”
So after getting the molding put on, put in, checked, taken out, tweaked, adjust the molding, put in, checked, taken out and tweaked a bit more we were told to come back about 1:30 p.m.
And off we went to Bass Pro Shop.
What a huge store.
And great museums.
We ate lunch at Heminways Blue Cafe and watched the many fish in the aquarium, we then wandered around the store, the archery museum, the Theodore Roosevelt display of hunts and reading about a lot of his work in the National Park Systems and then the actual store it was time to head back to the doctors.
When we returned to the office the waiting room was packed.
So we took a seat and prepared for a long wait.
But, Randy walked out and called me in right away.
After cleaning the socket he put my eye back in…it was uncomfortable at first but then it seemed to settle in…Randy was pleased with how it looked.
And so were we.  Now for the bill.
I asked Randy what we owed, he hesitated a minute,
I took a deep breath and he said nothing…this one’s on him.
BUT GOD is so good and only God knew we really didn’t have any money for this eye appointment.
I asked again “are you sure.?”  He said, “go get out of here and have a Merry Christmas.”
Thank you Dear Lord for providing in ways that always astound me.
(And by the way, by the time we got home the swelling had gone down a little in the eye socket and the eye is tracking the way it should be.)
BUT GOD…But God…But God
And then this morning, I woke early, something I have not been doing for the past few weeks…no early morning exercise, no time in the Word, just bounding out of bed and getting right to work…
BUT GOD….where am I in your life?
My devotional this morning was titled “Need a Lift?”
Yes, a little one but more like a kick in the butt I think.
BUT GOD is good and loves me and this verse came to mind
and then the verse for the day
And I am reminded that when I measure my troubles or burdens against others or feel overwhelmed and like every where I turn it is one more thing that is heavy laden on my heart
BUT for GOD when I measure the things that are weighing heavy on my heart and mind against GOD they are just tiny little things compared to how big our GOD is!!!
He is big enough to handle anything that I am dealing with.
Thank you for the reminder this morning when I looked in the mirror at my eye…it is clean and sitting properly in the socket.  Yes, I still have a bit of a headache and who wouldn’t after having their eye taken in/out and jostled around like I did yesterday, but the headache is not as intense this morning as it was yesterday and for that I give thanks.
And I am reminded when I am feeling down and slumped over, feeling the weight of all the things I am dealing with and need to deal with IF I look up towards the Lord and give thanks for the things I do have: a loving husband, great son’s, delightful daughters-in-love and the five most precious grandchildren along with a warm place to lay my head at night, food in the freezer and a job that fits us to a T…the world seems a bit brighter and load a lot less heavy.
I am reminded again BUT GOD is the answer to everything.
And then I moved onto Joshua 5 where God called the Israelite’s to be circumcised and to put their trust in HIM and the Lord provided fresh food and water for them, kept the armies away from them
I am reminded
that I need to trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ
and not in man or things
BUT only in GOD!!!
To stop trying to do things on my own,
And for that I am so thankful.
And I am reminded
when I am feeling down,
like nothing is going right
is with me
and has never failed me yet!!!
Today I am thankful for so much
but most importantly for a God, Abba Father
who loves me just the way I am
and that he is the best DAD anyone could ask for.

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