Forever Friends Christmas Party 2013

I have shared often about a Ladies Fellowship group that I attend
Forever Friends
here in Branson, MO
Monday, December 2nd
I had the pleasure of hosting our
Forever Friends Christmas Party
And of course no party would be without its food!!!
We had baked spaghetti, green salad, green beans, corn casserole
deviled eggs and lots and lots of desserts 🙂
And then we visited and learned more about each other.
Lots of laughter, good conversation happened until
SANTA arrived!!!  
He brought candy canes for all
and then he snuck in a kiss from Mrs. Claus.
And then it was time to open Christmas gifts.
There was not much stealing of gifts (we played dirty Santa) but a few gifts did get passed around.
Everyone enjoyed what they ended up with.
The biggest laughter was Barbara F. receiving a Day Planner!!!
Two beautiful blankets passed around a few hands…
there was a purple/white fleece one and a multi pink afghan.
We then had a bit of sharing time
and encouraging of each other.
We missed many of our Forever Friends
and hope next year we can all be together!!!
If you want to be a part of our Forever Friends,
Branson Group
we meet on Tuesday mornings at 11:00 AM 
at Golden Corral 
on Shepherd of the Hills’ Parkway.

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